Style Or substance? Balancing web design

When you’re shopping around for web design companies, you’re likely to find that some of them emphasize style over substance. In truth, there is a balance you have to strike when you are building a webpage between these two elements. Some of the best companies that provide graphic design will be able to help you achieve this, but you have to understand the importance of this balance before you really know how to address it.


Elements of your webpage solely designed to give it a certain style will generally not have any particular function. When you’re talking to a company that does web development, you’ll want to make certain that you’re not asking them to create something that is pretty, but without any real purpose. A good web design company can make a website very useful to your visitors. You do want to make certain that the style fits the substance of the site.

Here’s a good example of how this works. If you work with web developers, you’ll find that they tend to want to make the elements of the site that have particular functions as obvious to the visitor as possible. This is one area where style and substance meet. The style of the elements on your webpage – buttons, forms, etc. – should make it absolutely apparent to the user what those elements do. Users should have no doubt, for instance, that checking the box means that they accept a terms of service agreement. This is something that a graphic design firm can help you to make a reality on your site.


User-friendliness doesn’t just mean making websites easy to use. It also means making websites easy on the user’s computers. The more complex elements you add to a page, the more load time that the page is generally going to demand out of users. You may find that some effects also crash people’s computers, particularly people who use an older computer because it is still serviceable, but perhaps not the most advanced thing on the market.

Talk to a company that handles web design about making your website more user-friendly. Remember that adding elements that give your site a bit of flash can really be appealing to visitors and, in fact, they can do a lot for the image of your site. Too much flash, however, means that everybody’s computer is going to work harder to download the site and that some people may get frustrated and leave.

Have a Plan

If you’re starting from scratch, make a sketch of what you would like your website to look like. It’s also completely acceptable to look at other good websites and tell the people handling your web design what your business needs. This helps them to figure out what kind of balance between style and substance will work for your site and, when they do, they can lock onto that and build you exactly the site you want and that will serve your customers the best.

Article provided by Division [1] Web Design, an Edmonton web design, software application and web development company.
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