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Ayo Ijidakinro

Web Strategy Consultant

A Related Thought...

Is your website's revenue generating performance frustrating you? For a frustrated website owner, better graphics design is rarely the solution to problems.

Why can we say this? Because, many great looking websites generate little to no business. Whereas unattractive sites, many initially considered poorly designed, like Google and eBay have experienced tremendous success. Why? Because, though not the most attractive, they satisfied the customer need within one or two mouse clicks.

Thus, I feel comfortable saying that graphics design is not my focus, nor strongest skill. Nevertheless, the sites on this page will help you see that I have designed and/or built websites for happy clients, including Microsoft my former employer.

In reality, the best way to improve a frustrating website is to look at whether the website really satisfies the critical customer need and whether it satisfies this need within the first two mouse clicks.

OneCare v2.0 Web Pages (View Design)

Microsoft wanted to lower its Live OneCare support costs by getting >90% of clients to upload diagnostics data.

I designed the website workflow to upload system diagnostics from Windows Vista to Microsoft's central MSDM servers.

Visit the OneCare Help Website: Windows Live OneCare

Las Vegas Petroleum & Chemical Company (View Design)

The client for this website had the following goals:

  • Make his company feel modern and professional.
  • Demonstrate engineering excellence to international clients.

This design successfully accomplished both goals by using "bright" images and a clean, minimalist layout.

Visit the LAS PetrolChem Website: Las Vegas Petroleum & Chemical

Productivity Tech Homepage (View Design)

The goal of this website was to generate interest in technology services and project a sleek, contemporary image.