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How Does Google AdWords Work? Ad Position

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Summary: Google has published an excellent video explaining how Google AdWords works and gives insight on how ad position is determined. I recommend that any website owner watch this video to understand how he can advertise his website effectively using Google AdWords.

Google Ads are ranked by a metric Google calls Quality Score and the amount advertisers are offering to pay per click. Though many advertisers try to improve the position of their ad by offering to pay more money, improving your ad's Quality Score is often a better approach. Why? Better quality ads generate more business and save money.

Optimizing for Google's Quality Score can help you, because the way Google calculates ad quality is generally in the end-user's (e.g. your customer's) best interest. Better quality ads are probably going to be clicked more often, result in better qualified leads, and thus are more likely to lead to a purchase.

Again, I highly recommend you watch the entire video!

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The Click Equations Blog. 2009. "The Preface: Quality Score in High Resolution"


Building link popularity is not an easy task especially for those who don't know much about search engine optimization.
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Readers Ask: How Do I Advertise My Website?

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Map of various advertising methods.
The above image maps the various advertising methods by effectiveness and importance. Larger means the method is more effective and a higher priority.

Summary: Here are 7 ideas that will show you how to advertise your website to get more traffic. Implement each of these ideas and closely track which advertising idea gets you the most traffic.
  1. Self-author a press release and submit it to PRWeb or a similar service (
  2. Use Google's free AddUrl tool to submit your website to Google (
  3. Submit a sitemap to Google using their free Webmaster Tools (
  4. Start a company blog. Over time, blog articles attract site visitors and increase your Google exposure.
  5. Advertise with Google adwords ( You only get charged when someone clicks your advertisement and you get to set your price limit.
  6. Create a contest. Offer a prize on your website to attract visitors.
  7. Advertise on related websites. Make a list of keywords related to your website. Do a Google search for those keywords. Contact the top 30 sites for each search and offer to advertise on their website.
If you need help with any of these steps, please contact me and ask for help.

Related Articles: 2008. "How to Advertise Your Website or Business: 8 Paid Advertising Models" 2006. "How to Advertise My Website Effectively"

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Increased Traffic - Preceded by Compelling Content

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Screenshot from the website.
A screenshot from, a website I designed for MicrolabNW, a company in Redmond, WA.

Summary: A great selection of pictures helped my client go from zero visitors a day at site launch to a peak of 700 visitors per day in a five month time-span. Compelling content can generate word-of-mouth that blows away any traffic you can generate from solely using paid advertising or search engine optimization.

A Customer's Traffic Skyrockets

A recent customer of mine approached me with thousands of photos of particles under his microscope that he wanted to share. Impressed by his photos, I helped him to re-design and launch a website to share these photos with visitors. The website launched in March of this year with zero daily visitors. By this July, five months later, his new website is getting up to 700 hundred visitors per day! Why? Because visitors love his photos so much that they take the initiative to spread the word!

What is the lesson for me and you? Compelling content can generate a tsunami of traffic!

What Makes Content (e.g. photos, video, or articles) Compelling?

Here are four factors to keep in mind:
  1. Use humor whenever it is natural and appropriate. Boring is bad.
  2. Tell stories. Stories are illustrative and memorable.
  3. Convey ideas with simple, clear logic and with appropriate enthusiasm.
  4. When possible vary your use of media formats (e.g. use videos, photos, audio, etc.)
What Should You Do Now?

Compelling content is a powerful tool to generate word-of-mouth and thus increased traffic. Can you think of any other cost effective alternative that can reliably increase traffic as quickly? Finding a better alternative is difficult. Therefore, if you have photos, videos, or articles that are exciting to view or read, then by all means share them on your website. If you don't have interesting articles, or photos, or videos then start thinking about how you can create them.

It is okay if you create compelling content gradually. It took my customer years to build his archive of nearly two thousand photos. But by all means start now! Otherwise, you will wait that much longer to see your traffic increase.

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Great Product Selection Trumps Elegant Website Design. Re-emphasized lessons from The Popcorn Factory

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Screenshot of the homepage of The Popcorn Factory's website.
There is nothing outstanding about The Popcorn Factory's website. The key is their product selection.

Summary: The other day I wrote an article that analyzed the key reasons for The Popcorn Factory's astounding 29.5% conversion rate in December of 2007. To translate, this conversion rate means that nearly one out of every three visitors to The Popcorn Factory's website actually bought something! Today, I want to re-emphasize those lessons in a more concise manner so that you can improve your own site conversion rate.

After looking at the success of The Popcorn Factory, and the relatively simple website they use to generate this success, the natural question is, "does website design really matter?" The answer is an extent. How can we show this?

First, from the standpoint of aesthetic beauty, The Popcorn Factory website is not one of the more attractive websites out there. It's design is very plain, and really not very attractive compared to the really good sites. There are no pictures of beautiful people eating popcorn; there are no animated videos; the color scheme is a rather bland pastel purple, dull pink, and red.

Secondly, there are few calls to action and no empty marketing slogans like, 'Putting quality first.' or, 'Perfectly popped popcorn every time.' They do have an Easter sale currently on the website, but it doesn't scream at you with flashing lights or multiple exclamation points!!!!

Put simply, the website does exactly what its supposed to. It sells popcorn. No more. No less. And sell popcorn it does, very well in fact.

As mentioned, the key lesson from The Popcorn Factory is the importance of choosing products that are already primed for success. Don't choose a product that will require you fight an uphill battle just to get customers interested in it.

Warren Buffet has been known to say, 'Give me a great [profitable] industry and poor management any day, over great management and a poor [unprofitable] industry.' What did he mean? He meant that a profitable industry allows even the worst managers to have a measure of success. Whereas, an unprofitable industry will make even the best managers look like perennial failures.

The same applies to websites. As an owner, it is better to have a poor website selling a great product everybody wants, than to have a great website selling a product nobody wants. The website selling the in-demand product will win every time.

Does this mean that anything we can say about website design then is invalid? Absolutely not. If the Popcorn Factory improved their website, no doubt they would also improve sales. Warren Buffet would not turn down great managers in a great industry. That's a one, two punch. Similarly, no company would be wise to turn down having a great website, just because they're already selling a great product.

What's the conclusion? Absolutely, review your product selection, and make sure you're selling products that the customer already needs or strongly desires. Once you've reviewed your product selection once, review it again. Keep doing it until you know your product selection is excellent. Then, once you've done this, start investing in improving your website to further improve your conversion rate. Don't do this process in reverse.

Review your products, then improve your website. If you do these two things, in this order, you put yourself in position to maximize sales growth and profits.

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[Video] Site Review: Increase Site Traffic and Sales By Using a Loss Leader on a Discount Website

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Summary: How can a discount website increase web site traffic and generate buzz rapidly? Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, perfected the art of using unheard of discounts (a loss leader) to generate foot traffic and buzz. In this video review, we discuss how a discount website can leverage this strategy to increase sales.

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How Can You Get Free Website Promotion For Your Website?

By Ayo Ijidakinro

Logos of different social networking companies that can help you gain exposure.

Summary: Social networking sites are great sources for free website promotion and great tools to increase site traffic. This includes sites like
StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc. This article on the SEOCO Blog outlines not just which websites can help you, but also how much traffic each can generate. You should make sure to regularly post any good content (emphasis on good) you have on these social networking sites. However, don't spam these sites, as that is sure to hurt your company in the long-run. Just let them know, every once in a while, when you have valuable information you want to share with others.

Do you struggle with getting your site visibility? How can you rise above the clutter on the web?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. However, the most reliable answer is to provide your visitors with helpful content such as articles, research papers, use cases, etc. The reason is that if you sincerely help people, they will come back to you and they will tell their friends about you.

However, what if you have helpful content, but you still have no readers? Then consider posting your content to social networking sites that will let other internet users know that you have something valuable to share. This is an excellent free way to promote your website. Who doesn't want free website promotion?

SEOCO has a blog with an excellent list of social networking sites you can post to. I don't want to plagiarize their content, so rather than re-display their list, I am providing a link to the original article.

I hope you succeed at getting visibility for your website. If you need more help promoting your website, feel free to give me a phone call.

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