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Give Customers a Reason to Visit Your Site Frequently

By Ayo Ijidakinro

The website of mid-town lunch.  This company is generating $1,000 per month as of December 26th, 2007.
Midtownlunch.com generates $1,000 per month merely from regularly posting experiences at eateries in Midtown Manhattan.

Summary: To grow your online customer base, post entertaining or educational content (whichever is appropriate for your business) to your website at least once per week.

If a customer visits your site once, do they have a reason to ever come back again? Take a good look at your website and ask yourself that question.

Most salesmen will tell you that you almost never win a customer on the first phone call. A good sales person builds a relationship with his customer. Your website must do the same.

Building relationships takes time. At first, a visitor to your website is going to eye you with skepticism, especially if they've never heard of you and just chanced upon your website through a Google search. Chances are, most customers will look at two pages on your site and then leave.

However, if you can give the user a reason to come back to your website then perhaps on their 2nd, 3rd, or 49th visit they will buy from you.

How do you keep customers coming back? The best way is through entertaining or educational content. Try some of the following:
  1. Put a blog on your website and teach a lesson in each post.
  2. Post training videos on how to use your products or services.
  3. Conduct your own audio talk show, and place the MP3 files on your website.
Any of these ideas will get users to regularly return to your website, and eventually these users will become paying customers.

The key though is regularity. You need to post new content at least weekly, but at best daily. The truth is you can never post too much, but of course time is limited. So put something new on your website at least every week and stick with it for at least six months. If you do so, you will see results.

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