Site Analysis: Why Most Websites Don’t Make Money

Bad website design costs companies thousands in lost business. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  1. 130 slide powerpoint presentation.
  2. Deconstructs the homepages of fifteen websites.
  3. Analysis to show you how to successfully sell your product/service on your website.

Overview of the presentation

The typical situation

    Does this describe you:

  • You have a good product/service but a frustrating website.
  • Your challenge is getting customers who use your website to call you or purchase online.

The Money Pit

    A bad website is a money pit. You could:

  • Keep spending money on poor designs.
  • Spend thousands on Search Engine Optimization.
  • Start buying Google ads.

But you will see no results if users see your website and leave right away.

What’s the answer?

    Stop spending money on your website until you understand why it isn’t working. This presentation will help you critique your website and make design changes that will:

  • Keep customers on your site.
  • Convince customers to purchase your good or service.

Who is this presentation for?

    This presentation is geared towards:

  • Business owners or marketing executives.
  • Businesses selling products or services through their website.
    This presentation is NOT geared towards:

  • Websites that are used for information purposes only with no product or service for sale.
  • Website developers looking for technical solutions.

Note: This presentation does not require a technical background.

Research based approach

  • All of this information is based on research from over 25 different business and scholarly sources.
  • At the end of this presentation, a table of articles for further reading is provided.

Where do most websites go wrong?

    The average website fails to generate sales because of a failure in one or more of the following areas:

  • Picture quality: Is your picture quality excellent, average or worse…below average?
  • Typography: Are you using a professional font? Is your text easy to ready?
  • Color scheme: Are your colors professional and do they build confidence?
  • Layout: Is your layout uncluttered and clean or does it project an image of poor quality?

In this presentation we will help you answer these questions for your website.

Presentation format

    We will:

  • Focus on screenshots from real, live websites.
  • Analyze website homepages to see what works and what does not.
  • Provide you with resources to help solve the most common problems.

Why watches?

    For this presentation we chose to analyze watch websites because:

  • Watches are a generic product, providing lessons that can apply to many other industries.
  • Watches have a wide price range, making the lessons applicable to both inexpensive and expensive products/services.
  • The watch industry is competitive, as your industry probably is.
  • Using a single industry makes it easier to compare each site.

This preview gives you a feel for what is going to be discussed in this presentation.

    Presentation statistics:

  • 130 slides total.
  • Expert analysis of 15 website homepages for your education.
  • 4 main lines of thought are developed to teach you how to make your website appear professional to the customer.

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