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Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Did I Add a Statistics Section to this Website?

Are you tired of reading the "expert" analysis of others?

Sometimes I regret the fact that I'm adding my voice to the cacophony of noisy opinions on the internet. There are only so many opinions we can read and process before it all becomes useless noise. On the other hand, doing analysis for ourselves is a valuable exercise and a requirement to run a successful company of any form.

The statistics on this section of the website are provided to enable you to do your own analysis.

Doing a successful analysis requires access to accurate data. My goal is to make this website a treasure trove of accurate and free data and statistics about websites in general and online characteristics of your industry.

I hope this helps you to do more of your own analysis and to listen to all of us so-called pundits a little less.


Ayo Ijidakinro
Owner and Operator
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