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Saturday, May 3, 2008

What is the Click Through Rate of Each Position in Search Results?

Have you ever wondered how many clicks the first search results gets versus the second, third, fourth, etc? The below table is a breakdown based on 9,038,794 searches and 4,926,623 clicks on AOL search (SeoBook.com, 2008). As of this statistic, all major search engine results pages, including Google's, look and act roughly the same. Thus, these statistics should apply to any search engine.

Result PositionPercent of ClicksRelative to 1st Position
1 (First)42.13%n/a
2 (Second)11.90%3.5x less
3 (Third)8.50%4.9x less
4 (Fourth)6.06%6.9x less
5 (Fifth)4.92%8.5x less
6 (Sixth)4.05%10.4x less
7 (Seventh)3.41%12.3x less
8 (Eigth)3.01%14.0x less
9 (Ninth)2.85%14.8x less
10 (Tenth)2.99%14.1x less

SeoBook.com. 2008. "How Much is a Top Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?"