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Frank* operates a new hauling business in Seattle, WA. Frank was eagerly waiting for his website to generate sales. While he waited, his business was bleeding money. Frank, finally called me and asked, 'Ayo, I need advice. I have spent thousands on my website, but it's getting no sales. I'm thinking of spending another thousand on search engine optimization. What do I need to do?' I told Frank, 'Don't wait for your website to generate sales and don't spend the thousand on SEO. Go out and talk to customers directly. Direct conversations will generate sales quicker than any website can.' The advice seemed good to Frank and he thanked me because I offered him honest advice instead of trying to sell him more services.


Lori* operates a boutique selling faux animal furs. Her boutique was thriving, but Lori didn't understand how to run a successful website. Finally, Lori reasoned to herself, 'My own knowledge has been insufficient to plan my website, but someone with more internet experience can explain what I need to do.' So Lori registered for my class, "Psychology of an Internet Customer." After the class and some personal coaching, Lori understood how she should plan and manage her website.

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* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of clients.