Website Feedback: Quick Consult


    Need some quick feedback on your website? Good feedback doesn’t mean wordy and dry! You need a rapid response to three simple questions:

  1. Is my site attractive and easy to use?
  2. What is the first impression my site gives?
  3. How can my site improve?


$35 flat-fee.

If you want to do a phone call afterwards, this can be arranged at additional charge.

Service Includes

  • A critique of design elements like color, layout, typeface, image quality, and navigation complexity.
  • My first impression when I see your website.
  • An opinion on what is good about your website and what could be improved.


I have looked at your website and I have the following thoughts.

Summary: It’s a great start. The header and footer graphics are elegant and professional. It matches the tone of your products. However, you fail to attract attention to the quality of your products because you’re not making the best use of quality pictures. So the initial impression of your products will be lukewarm.

To sell a product online, you MUST convince the customer of the quality of your product entirely from your website.

You can convince the customer of your product quality by:

  1. Telling the customer with written text.
  2. Showing the customer with images.
  3. Providing testimonials.

Of all three methods, showing the customer quality images has the greatest value. Why? Because seeing is believing.

Your website layout is generally great, but:

  • On your homepage you have no pictures of your product.
  • On your product pages, the images are too small (100 pixels x 100 pixels).

I would do the following to improve your website:

  • Put a collage of several large (200+ pixels x 200+ pixels) photos of your products on the homepage.
  • Double, at least, the size of the photos on your product pages.

Check out this product list as an example of what you should be aiming for:

Overall, I think you’re off to a great start.

Definitely do not hesitate to start spreading the word about your website. It’s going to take 12 – 18 months for the site to really pick up traction, so realize that you can improve your site and advertise your site simultaneously. There is no reason to wait until your site is perfect to start spreading the word about it.

Finally, it would help you to answer the following questions:

– Who is your audience or typical customer for this website?
– How do you expect the average visitor to find your website?
– What is the primary goal for your website? (e.g. give your company credibility, attract new business, serve as a tool for repeat customers to browse your catalog, etc.)

Answering the above questions will help you hone your design and continue to get better feedback.



I will typically respond within a few hours of your email requesting a quick consult.


An email from me that gives a critique of your site’s design elements, my first impression, and an opinion on what works and what can be improved on your website.

Next Steps

  • If possible, I prefer pre-payment for this service.
  • Please feel free to contact Ayo at if you would like more information or are interested about this service.