Services to Increase Sales: Convert your visitors into customers


What is preventing your website visitors from becoming customers? This service uses a persona driven methodology to understand the motivations of your clients. Why are they on your website? What are they looking for? Is there something they aren’t finding that is causing them to leave. The goal of this service is to remove obstacles that prevent your visitors from becoming customers.


Starts at $700 per month, start seeing returns in your first month.

Service Includes

  • Weekly meetings with me to discuss progress.
  • Custom, monthly website analysis to identify the roadblocks to getting a sale.
  • An initial custom persona analysis identifying the typical classifications of customers using your website and their likely navigation paths.
  • An initial custom report with re-design recommendations for your website.
  • A free copy of “Psychology of an Internet Customer,” an analysis of the way a visitor mentally processes a website.


Once an engagement starts, typically it takes me a week to deliver the initial persona analysis and another week to provide the re-design recommendations report. Weekly meetings start immediately. My availability varies, so I kindly request that you provide me with advance notice when you want to start a project.


  1. Monthly website analysis
  2. Initial “Persona Analysis”
  3. Re-design report with actionable recommendations
  4. Free copy of “Psychology of an Internet Customer,” an analysis of the way website visitors mentally process a website.

Next Steps

Send email to Ayo at to notify me of your interest.