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Testimonial: Richard Duszczak, Owner of Cartoon Studio

Picture of Richard Duszczak, owner of Cartoon Studio.
Richard Duszczak, owner of Cartoon Studio.

1. Why did you feel you needed advice from Ayos Website Design?

As a cartoonist I don’t confess to be a web designer, I feel I am creative but don’t know all the in’s and out’s of creating web pages. All my efforts are trial and error – with more errors! After going through Ayos Website Design’s site and downloading and reading through the extremely helpful PowerPoint presentation ‘Site Analysis: Why Most Websites Don’t Make Money’ (Free download!), the presentation was very informative, I felt I must have a Quick Consult.

2. What were you expecting to receive for your Quick Consult?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Quick Consult but I was pretty sure there would be lots to report as my web site is a bit of a mess. I was quite excited and really looked forward to the comments coming back. I expected quite a bit of criticism, as my site is a bit all over the place. It would have been very easy to have pulled my site apart – but Ayo worked on the positives – thank heavens!

3. How did you feel after receiving the website advice?

I was very impressed with the advice Ayo had given in his report, very positive and encouraging – he suggested eight major changes to be made to my site and I agreed with all of them and I’m now implementing these.

4. What results have you seen so far?

Even the small changes I’ve done so far are reaping positive results. I had out of date pages, broken links – so these will be helpful straight away for any surfing potential clients. There’s nothing worse than broken links and how irritating they are. So bringing these to my attention will save prospects clicking away.

5. Would you ask Ayo for advice again?

I’d be more than happy to ask for further advice – and I will be doing so, as I’m extremely happy with the way the advice was given.

I’m very impressed with his understanding of my business and the suggestions made so far – I feel this is just the start and hope to develop my site over the coming months. I have mentioned some of my future goals and have received favourable feedback on these from Ayo. Already he has brainstormed ideas. It seems I’ve found a gold mine of ideas and advice that weren’t obvious to me.

- Richard Duszczak, Owner of Cartoon Studio.