Testimonial: Russ C., Owner of Microlab NW

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: ’s Web Design (contact at ayoswebdesign.com)

In March of 2008 I contacted Mr. Ayo of Ayo’s Web Design to develop a website for the distribution of information to a relatively limited population of fellow scientist. The information was to be distributed free of charge in order to promote more effective microscopical analysis over a broad range of disciplines. A website I had designed for this purpose three years earlier had grown to about 700 to 1000 hits per month over the three years.

Following our original conceptual meeting, Ayo had designed a site, www.microlabgallery.com, that had a much more professional appearance, an architecture that was much easier to work with, and information that was much more accessible. We first exceeded 1000 hits per month in May and have been growing ever since. We now have traffic from 46 different countries, all 50 states in the US, and a growing number of returning clients. This growth is largely the result of the promotional campaign conducted by Ayo. He facilitated the listing of our site on various web browsers and recommended activities that we could undertake to increase referrals to our site.

We have been very happy with the rate of growth on this site and to Mr.’s continued support. He has been personally monitoring the growth of the site and continues to upgrade the site based on the pattern of client activity. We highly recommend Ayo’s Web Design to anyone seeking to develop and attractive, intuitive, and well used site.


E. R. Crutcher
Owner: Microlab Northwest