Young Entrepreneur Takes Bible Principles and Uses Them to Found Ayos Website Design

Ayo, an entrepreneur located in Redmond, Washington, has founded Ayos Website Design with the belief that he can win customer loyalty and appreciation by always doing the kind thing. He believes that most of the problems in Corporate America stem from a lack of the bible principle of love for neighbor. His bet is that doing business with honesty and integrity is not just the right thing to do, but also smart business.

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) October 5, 2007 — “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” The bible says that Jesus uttered these words nearly 2,000 years ago. How much better would Corporate America be if all companies operated on this principle? Product quality would be better. After all, if I wouldn’t want a low quality product, then why would I give it to my neighbor? With the founding of Ayos Website Design, loving customer as self is the goal.

Get a friendly support, a base

When asked why these principles are so important to him, Ayo says, “It is readily apparent that many of the complaints against Corporate America, like poor customer service and poor product quality, are the direct result of selfishness.” In his words, “Selfishness is the opposite of love. For example, if I pay for a service, my expectation is that I will get friendly support even if doing so would lower profit margins. Similarly, employees should expect kind treatment.”

The economists criterias of a healthy capitalistic economy

But while spending extra money to foster better customer and employee relations seems nice, does it make a better business? Many economists say no. They argue that call center off-shoring, high executive compensation, corporate downsizing, and legal strong-arm tactics are all signs of a healthy capitalistic economy.

Share some principles of honesty with a customer

So the question for Ayo is, isn’t running a business on the principles of love, honesty, and integrity outdated in modern society? “Not at all,” says Ayo, “humans are the same today as they were two thousand years ago. When I as a customer or employee am treated kindly I tend to use the service repeatedly, and as an employee I am more productive.”

Statistics don’t seem to be in Ayos favor. As the pace of capitalism in developed countries has accelerated, jobs outsourced, and job stability lessened, profits at most American companies are higher than ever.

Southwest Airlines, a good example

However, this doesn’t seem to deter Ayo. He states, “There is no doubt that the selfish have a measure of financial success. However, look at Enron, look at Tyco. These companies that seemed to be on top of the world quickly collapsed because of their selfish excesses. On the other hand, one of my favorite companies is Southwest Airlines. For years they have shown that by caring for the customer and the employee it is possible to be profitable even in the most difficult industry.”

“A lot of companies give lip service to principles like: putting the customer first, employees are number one, etc. However, customers and employees know who is really living by these principles and who is a fraud. I intend to live by these principles, and I hope that customers and employees will see the difference.”

It will be interesting to see how business develops for Ayos Website Design. His ideas are noble, but in today’s tough economy it takes more than noble ideals to survive.

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About Ayos Website Design:

Ayos Website Design was founded by Ayo. Its goal is to help companies use the internet more effectively. The company provides graphics and website design services to customers in King and Pierce Counties in Washington State.