Who Can Benefit Most From the Articles on Ayos Website Design?

Unfortunately, this website can not target every business with effective web strategy advice. Therefore, I had to restrict the companies I try to help to those that are trying to build an enduring business with: simple, helpful products and services; great management; low debt; consistent profit and with measured, steady progress.

In his Chairman’s Letter, Warren Buffett often describes the type of companies he looks to invest in.* Given his track record, and the logic behind his criteria, I wanted his criteria to form the foundation for the type of company I target.

  1. Companies with great management in place.

    A great website won’t solve management problems; if you have management issues, I can’t emphasize enough that those should be your priority.

  2. Companies in industries with consistent earning power.

    A great website won’t fix a bad industry; thus, I want to caution readers not to expect the impossible.

  3. Companies that are looking to build an enduring business.

    No get rich quick ideas here. Great websites help people. Yet, helping others is often incompatible with getting rich quick.

  4. Companies that are looking for realistic, conservative advice.

    This website will contain no baseless hype, because hype often hurts others by setting unreasonable expectations and thus leading to inefficient resource allocation.

  5. Simple businesses that are easy to understand.

    Unfortunately, the needs of unusually complex businesses are often hard to meet with general advice. I try to give advice that applies to a broad range of companies , but sometimes a business is so complex that it needs more specialized advice.

  6. Businesses with low debt and access to cash.

    The best time to improve a city’s infrastructure is during peacetime not during the stress of war. Likewise, if finances are strained, your website is now a lower priority.

What if some of the above criteria does not apply to your company? It doesn’t mean your company can’t benefit from the resources on my website. If you ultimately would like to see your business grow into these six criteria, then you should keep working on your business and keep tabs on this website and find ways that it can help you reach your goals.

I hope your profits grow and your business experiences tremendous success!

* For an example, see Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman Letter 1988 under the subheading “Miscellaneous”