Unreasonable Expectations, a Leading Cause of Discouragement for Web Entrepreneurs Web Strategy Firm Reveals

Ayo, the founder of Ayos Website Design, has recently investigated one of the leading causes of discouragement among internet entrepreneurs. The result of his investigation is that most business owners become discouraged, not because their business has failed to perform at a reasonable level, but because their expectations were unreasonable to begin with.

Redmond, Washington (PRWEB) April 4, 2008 — After six months of effort Ryan Gibbs of Taledaga.com decided to throw in the towel. He launched his website on June 01, 2006 and by January of 2007 still was losing money. While this example is fictional, the story is not uncommon. The number of websites started every year numbers into the thousands, but many owners abandon their websites because of discouragement. Why is it that so many websites fail? Ayo, the founder of Ayos Website Design, provides one very important observation. “The majority of website owners have unrealistic expectations for how quickly their websites will take off. This leads to discouragement and a lack of joy.” He adds, “The media provides us with a constant barrage of overnight success stories. When website owners don’t see similar successes with their website, they assume their problems are chronic and this discouragement causes them to quit.”

It takes 18-24 months to have a successful website

The thought, ‘that unrealistic expectations can lead to discouragement,’ is not new. However, it doesn’t seem to prevent website owners from continuing to found websites with the idea that their website will achieve success within the first year of operation. “If you ask the average new website owner, typically he believes that within his first year his website will gain significant traction and generate sufficient revenues to turn a profit.” Ayo adds, “However, when you look at the revenue patterns of successful websites you almost invariably find that it takes at least 18 – 24 months of continuous effort to gain any sort of traction.”

Just because web environment is more competitive

Nevertheless, web entrepreneurs are correct when they say that success often comes quickly on the internet. As Ayo points out, “There is no question that, because the startup costs are so low, internet rewards are often greater and come faster than for more traditional businesses. Nevertheless, these same low startup costs create a far more competitive environment than most traditional businesses ever have to deal with. This is the counterpoint many website owners forget.”

Set aggressive goals for your website

So what attitude should a successful web entrepreneur have? Ayo provides us with one last piece of advice, “Set aggressive goals for your website, otherwise you will not grow. However, don’t set goals that are so lofty that only one in a million websites can reach them.” For those business owners that are discouraged or on the brink of discouragement, this may be helpful advice. Perhaps you could benefit by taking a close look at your goals and reassuring yourself that your expectations are realistic and not based on sensationalized stories of overnight success.

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