Why Did I Leave Microsoft?

I left Microsoft because I saw an opportunity to spend more of my time working on the things important to me, namely, volunteer activity.

Microsoft provided excellent income and an opportunity to help others in one particular setting. However, for me there is a point beyond which secular work provides diminishing returns.

By leaving Microsoft, I was hoping to work up to the point of satisfaction, and no more. My goal was to use the remaining time in even more rewarding activities.

I did not leave Microsoft feeling that the work was not enjoyable. In fact, I really enjoyed the time I spent there, especially towards the end, and I enjoyed the people that I worked with. In particular my manager was fun, friendly, and cared about the personal well-being of each member of his team. Leaving the people and work atmosphere I had become so comfortable with was probably the hardest part of departing.

However, when I compare what I was trying to accomplish, with what has occurred, so far it is a success. I only pray it continues this way. For example, since leaving, I have had more time to pursue volunteer activity. My freedom to relocate has allowed me to move to help out on a volunteer project thousands of miles from Redmond, Washington. I’ve also been able to help others through this company. So in many ways the decision to leave Microsoft has provided blessings.