How Do I Make money?

In order of importance, I generate income off of three types of paid services: website reviews, educational classes, and implementing design improvements to existing client websites.

All of the resources on this website are totally free. Consequently, I have been asked on multiple occasions, ‘How exactly do I make money?’

In the table below, I provide a brief explanation of the free and paid services offered on this website and through my consulting company.

Free Services Paid Services
Educational Articles on this website discussing frustrations website owners and executives commonly face as they try to grow sales. Website Reviews in which I analyze your website to identify changes that will accomplish the goals you tell me you’re hoping to reach.
Statistics and Research I share to help website owners and executives measure their website’s performance. Classes in Web Strategy to teach attendees common causes for website failure.
Video Reviews of selected websites to teach lessons in website strategy. Design Improvements to existing websites to help you build features on your website to address problems your website is facing.

The free resources on this website are offered as a way for website owners and executives to self-improve their websites without paying outside consultants.

For most websites, the free resources should be enough to help you identify why your website isn’t performing well and to discover your own solutions.

However, sometimes business owners and executives need direct interaction and discussion. When this is necessary, then my paid services are used.