How Can You Benefit From My Services?

A lot of times all you need to solve your business problems is an educated ear to listen to your problems and to give you a fresh perspective on what you can do to address those problems. This is exactly what I do. I bring another set of ears, and my personal experiences, to the conversation to help you see alternatives you may never have thought of to grow your business using the internet.

Do you have a good traffic website with no sales?

There are two very frustrating situations a website owner or executive can experience. Probably the most painful is when your site is getting traffic, but not getting sales. This scenario is distressing because the visitors are there, they just aren’t purchasing. But equally maddening is a website that offers a quality, valuable product or service but doesn’t get the traffic needed to generate sales. When facing such frustration, two heads are better than one. Imagine having an adviser to work through these problems with you.

How I can improve your website?

In short, I act as an adviser who can help you discover ideas you may not have thought of to address your business problem. Further, if you like the idea, I can also implement it.

Think about my services this way. If you had the resources to hire a full time employee to plan changes to your website and oversee its development would you look for the following requirements?

  • Someone that has a business mindset and is technically proficient.
  • Someone with technology experience at an industry leader like Microsoft.
  • Someone that is good at planning and hitting clearly defined goals.
  • Someone that has built a business from $0 in revenues to a quarter million after two years.
  • Someone who can work rapidly and successfully once given a business problem to solve.

For many, the above traits would be desirable. Now, why wouldn’t those same traits be desirable in someone who would give you advice, someone who would talk with you to think through frustrating problems and identify potential solutions? I can help you by talking with you and giving you ideas you may not have thought of.

My answer : first, give me a call!

If now is good for you, give me a call. When I answer, tell me what your name is and what your business does. Tell me what problem you’re experiencing that you want help with and, if you have one, give me your website address. I will ask you to let me think about your problem and offer to call you back the next day if I need more time. When I call you back, I will tell you how serious I think your problem is and I will suggest what you should do next to start addressing your problem.