Ayos Company Overview : background, personal information and contact

Many companies are frustrated with their websites. My company is dedicated to providing educational articles, classes, and site analysis to help frustrated companies learn how to improve website performance.

Personal Background

Prior to starting Ayos Website Design, I was a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington. Prior to Microsoft, I was CTO of Digital Self Corporation a technology startup in Cambridge, MA. My experience is primarily in technology strategy, business development, software design, and software development.

Some Personal Information

The origin of my name, Ayodele, is probably the most common question I receive. If you’re wondering where my name comes from, it is Nigerian. My father is from Idanre, Nigeria in Ondo State. My mother is from Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in Phoenix, so you can probably guess which parent made the big move.

Being from the Arizona desert, I enjoy hot weather, sunshine, and Phoenix Suns basketball! Besides watching and playing basketball, I’m always reading or researching, and I like to spend time on projects that help others.

Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 28, Zachary, LA 70791
Phone: 857.222.5582
Email: contact at ayoswebdesign.com