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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Well Written Press Releases Will Generate Traffic

Graph of press release readership over a 28 day period.

Summary: Press releases are an excellent way to promote your company and website. My last press release was read by at least 745 readers over a period of 28 days. Spend some time thinking about what your company has done recently that is worth writing a story. Don't wait until you have earth shattering news to release a press release. You should release whenever you have news that you know some people will find interesting.

Have you written a press release in the last six months? If not, you're missing out on a good way to generate exposure for your company.

I was looking at the number of readers my last press release received and I was pleased. Within a period of 28 days my press release was read by 745 readers. To put this in perspective, if only 1% of readers end up attending one of my classes that would result in over $1,117.50 in new business. (Assumes a conservative estimate of $150 per attendee.)

Graph of press release readership over a 28 day period.

You might be thinking, well $1,117.50 isn't much. But it only cost $80 to publish the press release. That would represent a return on investment of 1,397%!

Furthermore, this number of 745 readers doesn't even include the readers that read my press release as it was picked up by other websites. Even if these readers don't purchase automatically, it is still valuable to get my company's name and content in front of thousands of new readers.

Why am I telling you this? Is it to brag about my success with press releases? Not at all. It is to encourage you to try using a press release for your company. You may be pleasantly surprised at the success you achieve. To help you get started, I am including a link to PRWeb's explanation on writing press releases.

The best online service to use to release your news is PRWeb. You also want to try local newspaper or magazine editors. Also, if there are periodicals for your industry, send your press release to them directly. Editors are accustomed to receiving press releases directly in email or by snail mail; be tactful with your approach, but don't hesitate to contact them.

What can you write about? Here are some ideas:
  1. New product releases.
  2. New discoveries your company has made.
  3. Company milestones (e.g. 1,000th customer, 100th employee, etc.).
  4. New employee hires of note (e.g. new CFO or new Sales Director).
  5. New office opening.
  6. Store opening.
  7. Customer success story.
  8. Exciting ways customers are using your products or services.
The list could keep going, but hopefully you're starting to see the variety of press releases you can write.

So make it a goal to write a press release within the next month. Start getting your name in front of thousands instead of hundreds. Upload your press release to PRWeb and send it to newspaper and magazine editors in your local area or industry. A well written, interesting, press release will get results.

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