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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Your Website: You've built it, but they DON'T come...

Business owner frustrated that his website isn't generating any sales.

Summary: Frustration about website sales is common. It isn't enough to have a website built for your business; you need to advertise your business through other means. This is the surefire way to generate website traffic and sales.

"I've spent lots of good money designing my website, but I'm not getting any phone calls! Can you help me?" This was the question I received on the phone this past October from a frustrated business owner. I was able to give him some ideas for which he was grateful. However, this story reveals a key point.

"Build it and they will come," does not apply to the internet. Why? Because, there are millions of websites on the internet. Thus, you must realize, your website is only one needle in a barn-sized haystack.

Among so much noise, how can your voice be heard? I have assembled a list of suggestions you should follow to grow traffic and sales. Go down each item on this checklist, and ask yourself, "Am I doing this already?"
  1. Purchase a phone book advertisement. Customers looking for your service are more likely to find you in the phone book than using Google. (< $100 per month)
  2. Purchase ads in local newspapers. Newspaper ads build awareness and motivate readers to check out your website. (< $300 per ad for a major newspaper)
  3. Conduct a direct mail campaign. A good direct mail campaign can do wonders for awareness, but it is expensive. (< $2,000)
You might notice that a lot of these suggestions cost money. Unfortunately, the saying, "You have to spend money to make money," is very true on the internet. There are free methods, but most free methods take more time. Nevertheless, most of these suggestions are not as costly as you would think.

As always, make sure you calculate the costs before you invest money in any of these suggestions. Make sure you will make enough money from increased sales, to justify the advertising and marketing expenses.

By spending money in the right places you will increase your traffic. Increased traffic will lead to increased sales.

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