Best Tools for Bloggers

Blogging is an incredibly competitive business, and you need every possible advantage that you can muster. Luckily for you, there are a great number of useful tools to help you; most are easy to learn and don’t take more than a few days to master. Master enough of them, and you will have everything you need to reach thousands of people with your content.

Here are five of the best possible tools, known and unknown, you should start with whenever you are blogging:


One of the best tools a blogger can have is their email account, and it is surprising that many bloggers never utilize it to its fullest potential. Once you spend a day learning all of the secrets of your particular email service provider, you can save a load of time by automating sorting your email and automating other processes, allowing you to spend more time on terrific content.

If you have a blog-specific email address (and you should), then it would be a great idea to create a subscription list or an email list where you send an email blast out once a week (no more than that, as it would be annoying to readers) talking about all the new content on your blog and potentially anything you have planned.

Virtual Private Network

If you ever blog outside of your own home or think you might reach a level of popularity where your privacy is important to you, then a Virtual Private Network is an absolutely essential tool for you. What it does is connect your device to an offsite server that will allow you to browse the internet over an encrypted connection.

This service is essential for your security for two main reasons: the encrypted connection and the fact that the offsite server will mask your IP address. The encrypted connection will protect you over the otherwise risky public networks you will use when travelling or in town, and the extra privacy will allow you to not have to worry about government surveillance or companies marketing directly to you based on your region.

There are additional benefits you can get out of this tool in certain circumstances. If you need to get around government censorship or regional restrictions, you can use the VPN to access a server in a different country and thus get what you need on the internet. Regardless of if you use it for every possible purpose, just of one the above uses makes the tool worth the money. Before picking one out look at some reviews to learn which will help your blog the most.

Blogging Mobile App

Whether you use WordPress, Tumblr, or some other hosting site, you should try to get the mobile app for your corresponding phone. This way you will be able to quickly respond to any comments left on your blog while waiting in line or travelling. It allows you to be flexible and quick, which is an important thing given the attention span of your average blog commenter.

The other advantage of using whatever mobile app is right for you is making sure that you are able to edit and even potentially write something on the go. That way when reviewing old posts you won’t worry all day when you catch that one spelling mistake that made it past you the first time.


This website is a great tool for those unsure exactly what to write about or who are unsure what to make their title. Any blogger can simply type in a domain or a topic, and the website will quickly compile a list of some of the best topics on that subject to write about. It will list items by how much that topic is shared, how popular it is, and other factors you’d be interested in.

If you use this tool often you will probably learn a great deal about SEO practices, proper linking, and how trends work on the internet. Even if it turns into just a study tool for you, it is worth the time and energy.

Your Own Creativity

By this subtitle, I don’t necessarily mean that the content of your posts needs to be all creative work or an example of your inner self. What is meant is that all blogs are different and bring to them different writers. While there are some constants in the blogging world, such as SEO and guest posting, other tools are only as good as the applications other people can bring to them. One blogger’s trash is another’s gold mine.

Look around at other lists of helpful tools online. See if there is anything that you can do to use the otherwise obscure applications and programs out there to an advantage no one else has. If you are able to and have the skills, try adding to or modifying the programming of a tool to make it more suited to your needs. The only limit to what you create is what is inside of your mind, so experiment when you have time to.

Thanks for reading, and may you find even more tools out there that will allow you to take control of the internet and show it what you stand for.