Inbound marketing tips and tricks for your small business website

If utilized correctly, inbound marketing can be an extremely effective way to market your small business website. By creating a distributing content around the Internet, you can raise awareness of your website and your business. Creating high quality content for blogs, social media accounts, podcasts and newsletters are all great inbound marketing strategies you can use for your small business website.

Use consumers to create content for you

One great tip to keep in mind when looking to use inbound marketing for your small business website is to have your consumers create your content for you. With social media readily prevalent these days, personal reviews are a very powerful marketing tool. If you can get your customers to speak about the positive experiences they have had dealing with your business, there is a better chance that other consumers will purchase your products or services after reading those comments.

Social media websites make it extremely easy for consumers to share their experiences with their social circles. Encouraging your customers to share their experiences via different social media websites is one of the best ways you can use your current customers to generate more business for your company.

Know your ideal customer

Before you start any type of inbound marketing campaign, it is important to sit down and think about who your ideal customer is. Once you have a good idea as to who is your target consumer, you can then find out which websites they hang out at while online. This will help you create content that will speak directly to your target customer as well as save you time by not posting inbound marketing content on websites where your target customer will never see it.

When you are able to create and distribute high quality content only on websites frequented by your ideal customer, you will see a much better response to your inbound marketing efforts.

Respond to any feedback

One of the keys to running a successful inbound marketing campaign is to respond to any feedback that you receive. Once you start posting content all over the Internet, it is inevitable that you will see some type of response from the consumers viewing your content. When you start to see these responses being posted, you will want to respond immediately to them so consumers will take notice of your excellent customer support.

Even if the responses are negative, you still want to respond as quickly as possible. Providing a quick response can help you alleviate any negative feelings a consumer may have with your business, even if you are unable to fully correct their issue. Responding directly to a consumer’s feedback can leave a long lasting impression with that person, which can lead to further business down the road.

Only use genuine user content

While it may be tempting to create your own customer reviews and use them in your marketing material, this is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Aside from it being illegal, it is also highly unethical. If you are caught creating fake customer reviews for your business, the negative attention your business will receive will far outweigh any minor gains you received because of the positive feedback. To avoid having to deal with this type of PR nightmare, it is best if you avoid creating your own customer comments and stick to using genuine consumer comments.

In order to draw attention to your small business website, you will need to undergo an inbound marketing campaign. Having your customers create your marketing content for you is one of the best tips you can use when running an inbound marketing campaign. Once you have the content that speaks highly of your business, you will want to post it on websites where your ideal customer
frequently visits in order to see the best response. Using this inbound marketing strategy will help you raise awareness of your small business website while helping you secure loyal customers.

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Ben is Internet Marketing Strategist for more than half of a decade. In this article Ben shared with us some of his great inbound marketing tips for small business websites, which he implemented in online marketing strategy for Vandko Candles, one of his NYC clients.