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Protect (and share) the passwords of your team with Password Depot Server

Password Depot: what is it, how do you use it?

It is hard to ensure an optimal security for your personal information nowadays on the Internet. That’s why you can download or purchase an increasing number of softwares to protect your datas. Password Depot is one of them.

What is Password Depot and how does it work?

The aim of this software is to protect specifically one type of datas: passwords. Indeed, passwords are often the access to users’ most sensible information like their social networks profiles, professional projects, bank accounts… The main principle of password Depot is both to store all of the users’ passwords on a secured server, accessible from any computer, and to generate complex random new passwords. Thus the users can access the passwords files and avoid easily crackable data files. The security is ensured by the Rijndael 256 coding algorithm which creates a double encryption: your password list is protected with both your main password and an intern key. In addition, the software provides a tool permiting the user to insert automatically his username in the concerned websites fields.

What does Password Depot Server add to the regular version of the software?

The Password Server module was conceived as a complement to the basic Password Depot (also called Client). It allows every user to have a client and thus, the users team can access simultaneously the passwords database through the server. Each team needs an administrator who can group the regular users, and determine who can access or modify something. He may as well define security guidelines and access detailed usage protocols. The main advantage of this module is to allow the Password Depot users to team up and use the same password files – or part of them.

How do you install it?

A trial version and a free version of the software are available. The first one, which gives access to all functions of Password Depot (and its server module) lasts for thirty days. It allows you to discover the software and, at the end of the trial period, to make a thoughtful decision. On the contrary, the free version of the software does not allow you to use all the options and potentialities of Password Depot. Some of its functions are not available: the password list is limited to twenty entries and the server module can be used by only three persons simultaneously. To increase the number of registered passwords and persons in the team, you have to purchase the full version license corresponding to the number of users. This full version is easily accessible: you can order it or download it from the dedicated website.

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