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How to write a great landing page using the psychology of persuasion ?

In this article I've given few simple yet useful tips to write a good landing page and in turn increase profits of your online business.


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Divulging indicators that notify you to the need for redesigning the site

redesign your website with a goog web designer

The latter half of 2012 was actually the time of the Web redesigning with several businesses that took the initiative of redeploying their new sites. Obviously, there was a vital reason behind this – the need to change with the changing technology! Today, the Web design trends are changing that has a great impact on how sites should appear and function. This has made redesigning essential, which not only encompasses the change in the presentation but also the change in the functionality, the way of loading, and the manner of interaction as well as update. So, have you feel the need of redesigning your site? If not, then it’s time to look for some indicators with regards to your site and find out whether redesigning is needed or not.

Utilities Not in Use Anymore

When a site becomes older, it is easy to find out the features and functionalities that are becoming outdated or are not working properly. These utilities may be custom ones that you may have specifically prepared for your site. Nowadays, social media buttons for sharing are recognized as slacking by many Web designers who believe that they are no longer effective as they were before. As a result, they are removing them from their sites. So, even you need to find out what is working and what is not on your site. If you find something that is not working or is no longer useful, it is time to either discard or redesign it.

Difficulty in Updating

Updating a site is essential for retaining the visitors and their loyalty. So, find out when did you last update your site and why. If there has been a long gap, then find out the reason behind it. If the reason is difficulty in updating, determine why it is so hard. Here, the answer may be lack of time or knowledge. In case of latter, you will definitely have to redesign your site by simply setting up a content management system for updating the site on your own. This system is preferred by the designers because it allows for quick and easy updating.

Lack of Responsive Feature

The recent years have witnessed big thrust for rendering their sites compatible on more and more devices. This is one of the main reasons why the web design community has felt the need to redesign their sites. In order to make your site device-friendly so that it can run on tablets, smartphones, and gaming devices; Responsive Web Design needs to be the foundation! So, does your site adhere to this kind of design? Is it easy to view the site on all devices without compromising the experience? If the answer to these questions is not ‘YES’, then it’s time to redesign your site to make it responsive. For this, it is vital to hire a good web developer/designer without whom it is not possible to implement the new trend.

Slow Loading

It has become extremely vital to ensure that your site loads faster and downloads other elements without making visitors to wait. Further, the download limit should also be fulfilled, which is now being levied by several Internet providers and mobile carriers. Moreover, it would not be right to make the visitors download tons of data and elements just for the sake browsing the site. If your site is consuming more than five seconds for loading, then it is seriously an indicator of redesigning or optimizing your site. Taking so many seconds on slower network connections will make folks disinterested enough to quit your site. Therefore, it is vital to redesign the site by hiring a Web designer who can restructure the site well.

Bio: Lance Leong is a blogger who is right now pursuing a Web designing course. He desires to become one of the most reliable and vibrant Web designers in the world. Thus, he is also researching a lot about the recent trends and latest tools in this niche.

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