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Content presentation tips for non profit websites

encourage donation with a good webdesign

While nonprofit websites share many of the same characteristics as any other website, there are certain considerations that need to be addressed differently. The content should be clear as to the vision or the mission of the nonprofit organization and needs to engage the audience, moving them to want to become involved or to donate.

Make the Organization’s Mission Readily Apparent

Clear, concise content is important for any website, but especially so for a nonprofit organization. Don’t assume that visitors know what the organization does or how and why it exists. Some may be visiting for the first time and not have a clear idea of what the nonprofit is trying to accomplish. Make sure the vision and goals are obvious and readily apparent.

Many times, video is a good way to communicate the organization’s vision and goals. It also tends to engage the audience. If the website features video, make sure it streams well and doesn’t contain advertising or other distractions to the clearly communicated message.

Promote Video Materials that Communicate the Organization’s Vision

If a picture tells a thousand words, then video messages can communicate many thousands. In addition to streaming video on the website itself, many organizations will have expanded video presentations that donors or potential donors can order to learn more and share with others. Making sure these materials are readily and easily available can help to get the message out there to more people. Offering them on the website can be an excellent way to get them into the hands of people.

Make Donating Simple

Every nonprofit organization depends to some degree on donations. Websites can be a good place to solicit donations, especially from donors who may be new to the organization. Donors can make an outright contribution online, or possibly add an extra donation when purchasing some sort of product. The key is to make it as easy as possible for donors to help in whatever way they are able to.
It is important to link to the donation page from the home page and any other appropriate place on the website. It is also critical to make the donation process as simple and painless as possible. If people want to help, removing as many roadblocks in the process as possible will help and encourage them to do so.

Offering Physical Products for Sale

Selling books, videos or other products on the website can be an excellent way to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. However, the cost to produce, ship and store these materials will be part of the nonprofit’s overhead expenses. Since these costs eat into a portion of every dollar donated, it is important to find ways to handle fulfillment of these physical products in a way that keeps expenses down.

Work with Like-Minded Suppliers and Partners

In addition to its own content and website, a nonprofit organization also needs to be concerned about the other companies that it uses to meet its goals and vision. It can be embarrassing to have a website that promotes a certain ideal, just to have potential donors click away to a fulfillment page linked to a company involved in projects contrary to the nonprofit’s goals. Verifying that all suppliers and partners share the same general ideals and code of conduct can go a long way to ensuring that the nonprofit’s content remains untarnished.

This article was contributed by CD Technical who specialize in non-profit fundraising software and digital distribution solutions.

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Your ‘Start Here’ page is very important and has to be designed perfectly

Everyone who lands on your blog is going to be confused. Think about how you felt when you first landed on a new site. You probably had no clue what was going on and it took you a while you catch up. Once you’ve been reading a site for a few weeks you feel like it’s a part of you, but that’s definitely not the case in the beginning. Especially for someone who isn’t as Internet savvy as you are. They will be like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
If you don’t do anything they could turn around and walk away. Who knows if they’ll ever come back? What can you do to solve this problem and bring them up to speed much faster? If you have a look around a few popular blogs you’ll see that they offer a ‘start here’ page in their main navigation bar. It means anyone who comes to the site will instantly know where to go. It’s on this page that you give them a crash course and provide everything they could possibly want.

A gateway to a successful blog

That’s how you turn someone into a devoted follower of your blog. It’s definitely not easy and not everyone will want to stick around, but there’s things you can do to increase the likelihood of them following you. Lots of people get it wrong and wonder why they don’t have much readers. You don’t want that happening to you, so let’s see how you should design the perfect ‘start here’ page.

Tell them what’s happening

When someone lands on the page you should welcome them. They need to know exactly what’s happening. You need to think about it from their point of view. They have no idea what your site is or how it can help them. This is your chance to put their mind at ease. You’re about to give them some great information, so tell them what they should do and what they need to do. Don’t forget to thank them for choosing your site. I bet there’s a lot of other ones out there that speak about the same thing, but it’s you who has their attention.

Break it down into sections

Your website will be packed full of articles. You can’t just give someone twenty links and expect them to look through everything. At least not right away. Think about some important sub-topics you speak about and you can have around 5 links for each one. This is going to make it much easier on them, because they’re going to feel a little uneasy when they see a block of links. They can do their best to digest each one at a time and move onto the next one when they’re finished.

Give an explanation of each one of your links

Don’t just give them random links. How do you feel when someone gives you a load of random links? You might go down them choosing the ones that sound more appealing and forget about the rest of them. If you write a few sentences under each one explaining what it’s about it means you have more words to try and tempt them into reading. Think of these sentences like a miniature sales page. Don’t just write anything, the words need to be carefully crafted.

Include an opt-in form

You definitely need an opt-in form on the page. It’s going to be one of the most popular pages on your site and something the majority of new visitors will read. You need to capture their email address while they are still intrigued. Just add it somewhere in between all the other information. It would probably be a good idea to include more than one. You definitely need one at the end, but maybe one somewhere in the middle would work too.

Jacob Shelby is the author of the interesting article. He works with PenTech Consulting. It is an SEO company in CT which helps to develop its clients website.

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Surviving natural disasters like hurricane Sandy with online marketing and advertising

Hurricane Sandy left blocked off streets, totaled cars, people’s belongings scattered throughout the area, and people wondering when the electricity will ever get turned back on so that they can start rebuilding their lives.

Internet advertising is now part of a presidential campaign strategy

Even though the devastation touched the nation’s largest metropolitan area that does not mean that people were not resilient in its aftermath. Online marketing and advertising is alive and well, and continues to generate good incomes for entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike. Even the presidential candidates used the tools offered by Google to advertise their campaigns.

Yes, part of the strategy used in presidential campaigning was AdWords which has a proven track record for success. They also used banner ads to better capture the attention of their targeted audience. Did you ever think you would see Internet marketing use during an election cycle? It’s now been part of campaign strategy for years!

While it may be confusing these days as to how to go about using all the tricks of the trade with Google as an advertising platform, there is no reason to be intimidated by this approach. If the President can do it, and the people affected by the events that took place during some of America’s most devastating natural disasters can do it, so can you.

What is Google Adwords ?

Google AdWords are those advertisements you see on the right side of the page when you do an online search. These are paid advertisements, but if you have ever noticed when they come up they are related to the words you used for your search. These keywords help Google determine which ads to present for you to look at.

These ads are pay-per-click, and the business paying for them do not have to pay anything just because they show up. However, if you click on them, the owner of the ad is charged the amount they agreed on when they placed the ad. Banner ads work pretty much the same way, and they can be placed on just about any website.

Knowing when and where to place ads, during Internet marketing and advertising campaigns, makes all the difference in the world whether or not they will be effective. This knowledge does not come naturally, and that is the reason most people are advised to educate themselves on techniques.

Safeguard your income with an internet based business

The wide range of Internet marketing advertising formats available from Google these days makes it entirely possible for people who cannot make their way to work at traditional jobs because of a hurricane like Sandy to still make a living. Of course, this must already be set up and working prior to the storm.

Campaigns are fully customizable which means you get to decide the demographics of those shown your ad. This prevents them from being clicked on by someone who is not likely to make a purchase.

Are you ready to safeguard your income from natural and manmade disasters with an Internet based business? Just like the innovative individuals who are now able to recover from Hurricane Sandy because of careful planning, you too can be prepared.

Martin Erickson is a blogger and a work-at-home dad who studies online survival skills with Perry Marshall.

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Magento Development: Bringing in Business from the Younger Generations

There is no question that in today’s world the majority of business transactions are done online. This means that a business, especially one that is catering to a younger demographic, must make sure that it has a clear and interesting online presence. When people research a company, the company website is often the main and only place they look for information. If users are not impressed by the information and usability of that website, they are much less likely to be interested in that business. People want information fast, and they want it to be visually pleasing. In short, it must catch the eye and cause readers to keep reading — or else it will lose them for good. One way companies can get help perfecting their online presence is through programs like Magento Development.

Developping a good online presence through online marketing, website design ans social media

Many companies are now creating new positions that strictly deal with online marketing, website design, and social media because of the need for an interesting online presence. Companies know that this is where the money is, and they want to make sure that the face of their company and the values it stands for can be properly translated to an online format in order to convey what they are about to the younger generation and bring in more business. In addition to adding new experts in this field to their team, companies have also become heavily dependent on business software programs like Magento Development to deal with business transactions and their online image.

Magento Development, a good business software for companies and customers

Recently, several programs like Magento Development have started popping up for businesses that are somewhat well-versed in having an online presence but that would like that presence to prosper in order to grow their business. Magento Development is an open-source online business software that companies can use for a number of different tasks. This software allows employers to track a very large number of categories and modules for their business products. It also allows businesses to receive payment online and view statistics and analysis in the form of sales reports and other documents.

Magento Development could be a very useful tool for any business looking to expand growth and profit, which really is almost any business. Not only can the software benefit the company by letting personnel organize their processes, receive payments, and view reports, but it also benefits the customers by offering the option of setting up their own personal customer accounts online where they can order and track purchased products. It also allows customers to search company inventory in an easy and convenient way that doesn’t involve getting out of the chair — an aspect of conducting business that is becoming increasingly important to consumers in a world where time constraints are growing.

Magento development allows companies to expand their online presence

The availability of these services is what will keep customers coming back to the company’s website, and the more smoothly these processes go the better. If the system constantly has glitches or is unavailable, that will result in unhappy customers and consequently an unsuccessful business. That is why programs like Magento Development are necessary in today’s business world and are a good choice if you are looking to expand the online presence you already have.

Designing a company website thanks to Magento Development

Plus, with Magento Development, not only can you take care of business processes and payments online, but you can also get assistance with designing your company website. How your company’s online image is presented is a major factor for bringing in business online. If there is content scattered around in an unorganized mess or if the page is too busy with an overload of information, users will get overwhelmed; they won’t know where to begin—so they won’t. Programs like Magento Development let you design a clear and simple yet aesthetically pleasing website that captures what your business is about and what your target audience wants from you.

When trying to sell a product or service, it’s important to cater to the target audience. If you miss the mark, you won’t do very well! So if you know your business, know your audience, and have a goal in mind for where you want your business to go, look into a software program like Magento Development. After all, there’s nothing to lose and a ton of potential business to gain.

One Creations is your resource for Magento Development e-commerce solutions.

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How Twitter leads social media data?

Any social-media analytics initiative needs to be comprehensive and sleek; otherwise, it can end up being very expensive and incredibly time consuming. Here, the word “sleek” isn’t referring to fancy dashboards or graphics, but to good, clean data. The priority for social enterprises and networkers needs to be the quality of the data and the trustworthiness of the analytics.

This means complete sets of data that can be manipulated and filtered into categories like content and location, and even narrowed down to specific individuals. There also needs to be access to historical postings, possibly going back years. Everything needs to done in a suitably fast period of time, and within context. Most importantly, you need the proper analytical tools to use your collected data profitably. And now, Twitter can help make all that easier for you.

The Twitter Certified Products Program

Twitter has just launched its “Certified Products Program”; a partnership with twelve companies that is intended to make Twitter “more valuable to businesses”, according to the guidelines for certification into the program.
Some other guidelines include: solving a problem that Twitter does not already address, bringing Twitter to new or lacking markets, and encouraging meaningful engagement with the Twitter network. The move will, in theory, benefit data-focused Twitter consumers and promote a data ecosystem full of high-grade supporting services and products.

The partners in the program should fit into one of three categories: Tools for engagement, tools for analytics and data resellers. This means you have to help publish on Twitter, help to measure and learn from the actual content on Twitter, or help to tweet large masses of people.

The difficulty of harvesting and computing social data

Due to the large cost of harvesting social-data, it is typically out of reach for most businesses. This creates a niche for the data resellers in the program, namely, Gnip, DataSift, and Topsy. Social-data analysis is also, for the most part, beyond the capabilities of average businesses. The complicated process of applying NLP processing algorithms (to identify sentiment, entities, and relationships within online and social text) requires very specialized software. There is a very clear need for cheaper but tidy social data.

Whether you’re looking at extracting emotion, intent, or polarity, a key element in social-intelligence is sentiment. The patterns can be detected across multiple or single data sources, and in the analysis of the situation and context that guides the decision making process. However, considerations go beyond this, and also extend into the integration of socially-derived data.

Large, broad amounts of data are required, so quality data must be pulled from as many available sources as possible. This can then be applied to media analysis, market research, public affairs, financial markets, and even the customer experience. This opens up whole new possibilities for operations and increases our ability to gather business intelligence.

This is not, however, an automated process. Human judgment is still required to select data, train tools, suggest processes, and verify and apply insights. There is not yet a substitution for human involvement in this process.

Take the opportunity to learn from your peers and industry experts, whenever the chance presents itself. This will help you learn to listen and analyze; something that is essential for researching the customer experience and marketing impact studies. Push for the highest level of social-intelligence understanding and set clear goals.

What about LinkedIn and Facebook social data ?

It is still uncertain whether or not other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook will be able to launch the same type of program. Not only are the businesses structured differently, but the technical architectures of the sites are different from that of Twitter’s.

It would be extremely beneficial to their customer’s, however, if they were able to find a way to run similar programs to that of the Certified Products Program. Overall, it would improve data quality, simplify social business decisions, and simplify analysis. Twitter is well on its way to standardizing the use of data within social media.

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Sergeo the author of this article and a serial entrepreneur has recently launched Edictive, a broadcast management application and TV press release service.

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