Increase your conversion rates in time for Christmas

special marketing for Christmas

Let’s be honest, improving your conversion rates should be a priority all year round. However, when the shops start to get buried under a layer of tinsel and we see the Coca Cola lorry grace our TV screens we realise it’s about time we took serious action. For those who have left it a bit late there are still steps that can be taken to make sure your e-commerce site achieves optimum conversion rates over the festive period.

  • Display your returns and exchanges policy clearly and prominently. Many firms extend this over the Christmas period – if that’s you, be sure to make your customers aware. During the current economic climate, many shoppers are reluctant to part with their cash unless they are reassured by a generous returns policy.
  • Similarly, make all information regarding delivery as easy to access as possible. Offering free delivery is a notoriously effective way of improving conversions. Alternatively you could offer free delivery for all purchases over a specific amount or registered before a certain date. It is also important to make your customers aware of your last order date for Christmas presents.
  • Create a special Christmas landing page.  Not only does this help get your customers in the spirit of giving, but locates all your Christmas related products in one place, making the task easier and quicker for shoppers. Just be sure not to alienate any non-Christmas loving shoppers in the process by turning your whole site into a grotto!
  • Don’t forget to follow usual good practice. Ensuring all your web pages are accessible and follow good practice will help your conversions considerably at this time of year when customers are frustrated with online shopping. It can be easy to get carried away with extravagant design at this time of year however, simple and easy to use sites will always prevail when it comes to conversion rates. And this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the visual aspect either.
  • Start thinking about your follow up plan. There’s no reason why those who brought from you in November and December wouldn’t want to return to you during the January sales. If you’ve stuck to the first four tips, chances are your customers will be more than willing to visit your site again, so start thinking in advance about online marketing techniques for January. Look to your competitors for inspiration if this is something you’ve not yet implemented.
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