Content presentation tips for non profit websites

encourage donation with a good webdesign

While nonprofit websites share many of the same characteristics as any other website, there are certain considerations that need to be addressed differently. The content should be clear as to the vision or the mission of the nonprofit organization and needs to engage the audience, moving them to want to become involved or to donate.

Make the Organization’s Mission Readily Apparent

Clear, concise content is important for any website, but especially so for a nonprofit organization. Don’t assume that visitors know what the organization does or how and why it exists. Some may be visiting for the first time and not have a clear idea of what the nonprofit is trying to accomplish. Make sure the vision and goals are obvious and readily apparent.

Many times, video is a good way to communicate the organization’s vision and goals. It also tends to engage the audience. If the website features video, make sure it streams well and doesn’t contain advertising or other distractions to the clearly communicated message.

Promote Video Materials that Communicate the Organization’s Vision

If a picture tells a thousand words, then video messages can communicate many thousands. In addition to streaming video on the website itself, many organizations will have expanded video presentations that donors or potential donors can order to learn more and share with others. Making sure these materials are readily and easily available can help to get the message out there to more people. Offering them on the website can be an excellent way to get them into the hands of people.

Make Donating Simple

Every nonprofit organization depends to some degree on donations. Websites can be a good place to solicit donations, especially from donors who may be new to the organization. Donors can make an outright contribution online, or possibly add an extra donation when purchasing some sort of product. The key is to make it as easy as possible for donors to help in whatever way they are able to.
It is important to link to the donation page from the home page and any other appropriate place on the website. It is also critical to make the donation process as simple and painless as possible. If people want to help, removing as many roadblocks in the process as possible will help and encourage them to do so.

Offering Physical Products for Sale

Selling books, videos or other products on the website can be an excellent way to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. However, the cost to produce, ship and store these materials will be part of the nonprofit’s overhead expenses. Since these costs eat into a portion of every dollar donated, it is important to find ways to handle fulfillment of these physical products in a way that keeps expenses down.

Work with Like-Minded Suppliers and Partners

In addition to its own content and website, a nonprofit organization also needs to be concerned about the other companies that it uses to meet its goals and vision. It can be embarrassing to have a website that promotes a certain ideal, just to have potential donors click away to a fulfillment page linked to a company involved in projects contrary to the nonprofit’s goals. Verifying that all suppliers and partners share the same general ideals and code of conduct can go a long way to ensuring that the nonprofit’s content remains untarnished.

This article was contributed by CD Technical who specialize in non-profit fundraising software and digital distribution solutions.