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CMS And blog hosting are compatible and help increase web visibility

increase visibility with blog hosting

This article lists some advantages of synchronizing CMS and blog hosting.


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How to create eye popping icons for your website

some web icons from Medialoot

If you are creating a website then there are many different elements to consider from your marketing strategy, to the theme and URL of the site itself, to the navigation you will employ to the kind of colours and style you want to use. Of all these questions, your design is one of the most pressing concerns and is something that will have a very big impact on the success of your site. If your web design is ugly and looks unprofessional, then you will find that you have a high bounce rate as visitors assume you won’t be able to help or that the information/products you provide will be of a low quality.

At the same time your design will also tie in with other elements of what you’re trying to create – including for instance your navigation. Your site needs to look good and look clear if you want people to know intuitively where they should click to find their way around your site and that calls for a great design.

Your design too is also broken down into elements, and some features of your look can have a bigger impact on multiple facets of your site than others. How you handle links for instance is of the utmost importance for both navigation and looks, and is something that can set your site apart from the competition and make it look highly professional.

Why icons instead of links?

Icons can be a great alternative to using links on your site. These are basically small logos that denote the purpose of a link rather than having to use text, which allows you to create a larger space to click that’s perfect for all the modern touch screen devices. At the same time, the large graphics make those links stand out more compared with text links, while at the same time it shows more thought and consideration has gone into your design.

Tips for making the best icons

If you want to create the very best looking icons that will really make your site look professional and impressive, then you should make sure that you use a consistent design theme throughout all of them so that it’s clear they all belong to the same page. You should also aim to make them as high definition and as attractive as possible, while at the same time avoiding making the file sizes too large – if these are going to be appearing throughout your site and are required for navigation then you don’t want them to take ages to load up.

You also need to think about how you are going to use glyphs to denote what each button does. Make it too obvious by simply writing the purpose of your link and you’ll lose the professional and stylized effect, but make them too obscure and people won’t know what they’re clicking. A great way to get inspiration is to simply type ‘icons’ into Google images and see what comes up. Do some market research and ask your friends and visitors which styles and looks they like the most.

Finally you need to ensure your icons look modern which means using many of the design tropes and features you will notice on other sites. Things like curved corners and minimal detail can make a big difference and make your icons look much more modern and attractive as a result.

Bob Sheldon is the owner of a famous web designing company and has written many blogs on how to make your website appealing to visitors for commercial gains. Visit for more information.

Image Credit:
12 high quality icons set by Medialoot

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Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about the Bing PPC campaign

PPC campaign with Bing Ads

Launched approximately one year ago, Bing’s paid search has received a lot of attention from the SEO industry and some experts went as far as to state that it has the potential to threaten the consolidated position of Google in the search market share. Even though the numbers looked great for Bing for a while, it remains to be seen if the paid search can actually compete with the recently released Google Shopping service.

At this point, with a constant 65% search market share, there is no denying the fact that Google is the world’s leading search engine and that it should always be the main focus for your PPC campaign. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with the returns you estimate to get from your pay-per-click ads by the end of the year, then an alternative would be to integrate the Bing paid search into the equation. Let’s review the main reasons why it would be wise to incorporate a Bing paid search along with the Google paid search campaign.

  1. Considerably lower costs

    Google has a greater impact on advertisers and merchants for the obvious reason that it currently holds a huge share of the search market. However, advertising with Google has the major disadvantages of facing a tighter competition and the higher prices of the ads. In fact, if you were to start a PPC campaign on Bing, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible savings you can obtain, saving that are usually more than 50%. In regards to the competition, it is sufficient to say that since everyone is focused on Google at the moment, integrating Bing’s paid search into the PPC campaign confers a lot of unutilized potential for a hefty ROI simply.

    In addition, it is necessary to mention the fact that Bing allows you to setup a monthly budget limit or specify the amount of cash you want or can afford to spend each day for your advertisement campaign, which can save you a lot of time.

  2. With Bing, you won’t have so many restrictions

    Even though the Google Shopping service has brought numerous improvements to the way merchants advertise in order to ensure both parties are happy, the truth is that they still have to work on the way restrictions are managed. Perhaps the most bothersome thing about Google is that you will not be aware that you have been blacklisted until you try to advertise your sites via the search engine and the affiliated content networks. Sometimes, the consequences imply more than taking down the ads immediately and you could even be asked to change the sites entirely, or else risk losing your account.

  3. Bing’s new and improved features

    Unfortunately, few businesses actually know that now you can import campaigns from AdWords into AdCenter and this is just one of the numerous new features Bing has received after the merger with Yahoo in April 2012. Therefore, even if you’re using Bing Ads for the first time you could save a lot of time and effort simply by importing the campaigns you worked so hard on into the AdCenter account. However, it is advisable that you double-check the settings, bids, negatives and match types before pushing the ads live to ensure everything will go smoothly.

    On a side note, even though you are working on a Google and a Bing PPC campaign, the good news is that you can track them both with Google Analytics. All you have to do is make some customizations in the settings so that you get unique PPC destination URLs for each of your campaigns.

  4. Bing has merged with Yahoo this year

    The merging of Bing with Yahoo had quite an impact on the search market share, pushing the search the percentage to approximately 30%. In spite of the fact that this is just half of what Google currently owns, things could improve in the near future considering the advantages that are estimated to come out of this fusion, namely:

    • Since they are no longer competing with each other, they can concentrate their efforts on battling their fearsome competitor, Google.
    • Users can manage Bing and Yahoo via one platform, hence gaining more efficiency and performance.
    • The Microsoft AdCenter desktop tool that allows you to import AdWords campaigns.
    • Although Bing already uses it, the Standard and Advanced match types could be improved.
    • New and innovative ideas as well as cutting edge strategies in the search market industry.

James Hollands currently works as a freelance PPC consultant. He previously worked for a leading UK agency, but now offers his affordable PPC Services to businesses of all sizes.

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Increase your conversion rates in time for Christmas

special marketing for Christmas

This article looks at the best way to improve your conversion rates in time to take advantage of increased traffic during November and December.


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Use online surveys to listen to your customer

listen to your customer

We need feedback in our business to succeed and grow. Lets focus on listening to our customers and making course corrections if necessary using the right tools.


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Top 3 TED Talks on Business and Social Media

What can you do to ensure your product or service won't be degraded via social media, and how can you use social media to promote growth?


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Steps for protecting yourself in the web design business

Have you been burned by a Web design client in the past? It’s not uncommon for design professionals in many disciplines to encounter problems with picky clients, and it can leave you empty handed after putting in many hours on a project. The most important step you can take in the process is to have your client sign a contract at the outset. Couple this step with a requirement that half the cost be paid in advance. Don’t begin your work until these two steps are completed.

Your vigilance doesn’t end with your contract and upfront payment. As you proceed through the steps of the design process, you need to protect your intellectual property. For example, use your own proof server for files until the complete payment has been received. Take time to create quality mockups so that you aren’t faced with your client choosing a poorly designed option. When your client decides on a design, make sure that you have him sign a second contract that outlines what agreements have been made.

From: Top Web Design School

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Responsive web design: overflow image with vertical centering

Responsive Web Design with

The importance of responsive web design and how it helps has been discussed in this article.


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Why asking a web design agency to design your site ?

designing a website on your own or with a web design agency

Web designing is a skill. It is an art that has to interest you if you want to own a fully functional and interesting web site.


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How proper site design can be used as a potent online marketing tool

Think about payment process in your web design

If online sale of products is what you use your site for then SEO alone isn't important to boost your sales.An effective site design too can contribute.


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