With Clicktale, record visitors as they use your website

hands on mouse and keyboard

Recording website visitors opens up a powerful new aspect of website analytics. The ability to watch real user sessions on your website. Imagine the powerful insights you can gather as you watch real user behavior instead of sifting through metrics, numbers, and spreadsheets!

Would you like to be able to look over the shoulder of all your website visitors so that you can understand what they’re doing on your website? Amazingly, now you can. Clicktale, an Israeli startup, provides a free tool that allows you to record every scrollbar movement, every mouse click, and every keyboard press on all of your web pages and play them back as a video. What is more, the tool takes only minutes to install and is free!

Don’t believe me? Watch the below video:

Still not sure why you need Clicktale? Think about the following.

On average how far are users willing to scroll down your web page before they go to the next page or leave?

Without Clicktale you probably can’t answer the above question. With Clicktale you can see exactly how far down your page the user scrolled before he left or went to the next page.

Now, imagine that your “Buy now” button is halfway down your web page. With Clicktale you can see if a user saw your “Buy now” button before he left your web page.

I’ve been gathering insights like this for months since I started using Clicktale.

So your next step should definitely be to give Clicktale a try. Go to Clicktale.com and signup. They’ll walk you through a simple set of steps to insert a little Javascript tag at the beginning and end of your website.

I guarantee you; you will gain at least one invaluable insight about your website from using Clicktale.

* Only your website’s session gets recorded. You can not see anything else on the visitor’s screen. Thus, besides interactions recorded on your website, the visitor’s privacy is maintained.