Readers ask: how do I advertise my website?

Map of various advertising methods.

Here are 7 ideas that will show you how to advertise your website to get more traffic. Implement each of these ideas and closely track which advertising idea gets you the most traffic.

  1. Self-author a press release and submit it to PRWeb or a similar service (
  2. Use Google’s free AddUrl tool to submit your website to Google (
  3. Submit a sitemap to Google using their free Webmaster Tools (
  4. Start a company blog. Over time, blog articles attract site visitors and increase your Google exposure. WordPress platform is a good beginning for a blog.
  5. Advertise with Google adwords ( You only get charged when someone clicks your advertisement and you get to set your price limit.
  6. Create a contest. Offer a prize on your website to attract visitors.
  7. Advertise on related websites. Make a list of keywords related to your website. Do a Google search for those keywords. Contact the top 30 sites for each search and offer to advertise on their website.

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact me and ask for help.

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