Announcing PRWeb Webinar: Use PR to Grow Your Business – Increase Website Traffic

PRWeb is hosting a free webinar teaching you how to use Online PR to grow your business. You can find out more and register by clicking here. The name of the Webinar is Small Business Marketing: Use PR to Grow Your Business

PRWeb is one of the world’s leading Press Release organizations. They serve press releases for Fortune 500 corporations as well as small companies. If you are trying to find additional methods you can use to increase site traffic, increase website awareness, grow web exposure, or grow sales their upcoming webinar, Small Business Marketing: Use PR to Grow Your Business, will be beneficial to you.

I have used Press Releases successfully in the past to grow traffic and grow website awareness.

PRWeb has a case study that discusses a real world example of using press releases to move up Google rankings. It is worth the time to read this case study to understand how a press release can greatly help your search rankings.

The webinar starts October 22nd. I hope you enjoy it!