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Kampyle – An Astounding Website Feedback Tool!

Kampyle - a free website feedback analytics company - homepage.

I just found an incredibly powerful, yet simple to use, tool that I absolutely must share with my readers! If you aren’t already doing surveys, you should be using this tool too! It’s free. It has plenty of survey and analytical power. It took me only 20 minutes to configure and install on my website. The user experience is elegant. And the tool’s feedback has helped companies greatly improve their conversion rates.

If you look at the bottom right corner of my website, you’ll see an orange diagonal strip saying “Give Feedback.” This little strip is what has me so excited!

The orange strip is a free survey tool delivered by a company called Kampyle. The tool automatically prompts x% of site visitors, the percentage is defined by you, to ask them if they’d like to take a survey. A visitor can also opt to take the survey themselves by clicking on the strip.

Kampyle’s feedback tool took me only 5 minutes to install and another 15 minutes to configure. So in 20 minutes my site has been setup with a free, professional looking survey!

Conducting a regular survey on your website is incredibly important if you want to improve your website’s ability to increase traffic, increase sales, and improve your customer experience.

Would you like to regularly hear your site’s visitors tell you what they think of your website?

Is it valuable to you to hear feedback and ideas for improvement from your visitors?

If the answer to either of the previous questions is yes, then I suggest you register on Kampyle now, and immediately put their free survey tool on your website. It should only take you 20 minutes!

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    How to estimate your internet conversion rate?

    How to calculate web metrics. Teacher at blackboard.

    This article teaches you how to compute your conversion rate. Calculating your website’s conversion rate is a first step to accomplishing your online objectives. Typically, retail websites exclusively consider a purchase to be a conversion. However, what you consider a conversion may differ, depending on your goals.

    The conversion rate equation

    Web Site Conversion Rate = Number of Visitors who Take a Desired Action / Total Number of Visitors on Your Website

    The above equation is simple. The trick is identifying what your desired actions are and knowing when to measure that the goal has been met.

    What is a Conversion?

    Now for some nomenclature. A visitor is considered converted whenever he takes a desired action on your website. Google calls desired actions your website’s goals.

    The following are examples of goals:

    • User registers for your newsletter.
    • Customer buys a book from your website.
    • Reader emails your article to a friend.

    Tracking your Conversions

    How do you know that one of the above goals has been hit? Google’s approach is to track when a user views one of your confirmation pages after a desired action is completed.

    For example, if a visitor has registered for your online newsletter, you might have a Thank you page that thanks the user for registering. Google would suggest you then measure your goal as being successfully reached whenever a visitor sees your Thank you page.

    Similarly, if a user is buying a product from your website, you would measure success, not when the user adds an item to his shopping cart, but when you display the purchase receipt to the customer.

    Read more about Google Goal Conversion and how to set it up for your website.

    Putting It All Together

    So in the above examples, the number of times visitors view your Thank you page or the number of times visitors hit your purchase receipt page would make up the top part of the conversion equation (e.g. the number of visitors who take a desired action).

    The bottom part of the conversion equation is simply the total number of unique visitors to your website.

    Do you have any follow-up questions about how to calculate your website’s conversion rate?

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    Grade Your Website – Find Areas for Improvement creates a report for you showing where your website is doing well and where it can improve further. There is virtually no wait. The tool generated my site’s report in under 1 minute.

    I recently found a tool from HubSpot called Website Grader. The tool does not require a download. You just enter your website domain and instantly receive a report grading your website on a number of different factors. The whole process takes about 1 minute.

    “ from HubSpot might make you humble, but it will also make you a lot smarter about how you present yourself on the web.” – Newt Barrett, Content Marketing Today

    I’ve run the tool on a number of different websites, including my own, and the reports that come back are definitely helpful. If you’re looking for a quick and cost effective way to discover what improvements you need to make to your website to increase search engine rankings and your online exposure, this tool is a good place to start.

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    Announcing PRWeb Webinar: Use PR to Grow Your Business – Increase Website Traffic

    PRWeb is hosting a free webinar teaching you how to use Online PR to grow your business. You can find out more and register by clicking here. The name of the Webinar is Small Business Marketing: Use PR to Grow Your Business

    PRWeb is one of the world’s leading Press Release organizations. They serve press releases for Fortune 500 corporations as well as small companies. If you are trying to find additional methods you can use to increase site traffic, increase website awareness, grow web exposure, or grow sales their upcoming webinar, Small Business Marketing: Use PR to Grow Your Business, will be beneficial to you.

    I have used Press Releases successfully in the past to grow traffic and grow website awareness.

    PRWeb has a case study that discusses a real world example of using press releases to move up Google rankings. It is worth the time to read this case study to understand how a press release can greatly help your search rankings.

    The webinar starts October 22nd. I hope you enjoy it!

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