Increase your site traffic with compelling content

A great selection of pictures helped my client go from zero visitors a day at site launch to a peak of 700 visitors per day in a five month time-span. Compelling content can generate word-of-mouth that blows away any traffic you can generate from solely using paid advertising or search engine optimization.

A Customer’s Traffic Skyrockets

A recent customer of mine approached me with thousands of photos of particles under his microscope that he wanted to share. Impressed by his photos, I helped him to re-design and launch a website to share these photos with visitors. The website launched in March of this year with zero daily visitors. By this July, five months later, his new website is getting up to 700 hundred visitors per day! Why? Because visitors love his photos so much that they take the initiative to spread the word!

What is the lesson for me and you? Compelling content can generate a tsunami of traffic!

What Makes Content (e.g. photos, video, or articles) Compelling?

Here are four factors to keep in mind:

  1. Use humor whenever it is natural and appropriate. Boring is bad.
  2. Tell stories. Stories are illustrative and memorable.
  3. Convey ideas with simple, clear logic and with appropriate enthusiasm.
  4. When possible vary your use of media formats (e.g. use videos, photos, audio, etc.)

What Should You Do Now?

Compelling content is a powerful tool to generate word-of-mouth and thus increased traffic. Can you think of any other cost effective alternative that can reliably increase traffic as quickly? Finding a better alternative is difficult. Therefore, if you have photos, videos, or articles that are exciting to view or read, then by all means share them on your website. If you don’t have interesting articles, or photos, or videos then start thinking about how you can create them (by example, TextBroker could be a begginning if you want some articles on your blog) .

It is okay if you create compelling content gradually. It took my customer years to build his archive of nearly two thousand photos. But by all means start now! Otherwise, you will wait that much longer to see your traffic increase.