Your site’s bounce rate, why important?

bounce rate, an important metric

Improving your site’s conversion rate largely starts at lowering your bounce rate. Why? Because every customer that bounces from your website is a lost opportunity to explain your value proposition and give your sales pitch.

What should you do if you have a high bounce rate? Avinash Kaushik, of Google’s Conversion University, provides a great video explaining why a successful website must have a low bounce rate. While you watch the video, try to pick out reasons a high bounce rate is so detrimental.

The good bounce rate : between 40 and 60%

Avinash brings out that a bounce rate between 40 – 60% is considered good. You’ll never get everyone to stay on your website; nevertheless, if your bounce rate is higher than 60% you should begin by asking, Is there a problem with your website or is there a problem with your traffic sources?

A high bounce rate may occur with low quality traffic sources

A high bounce rate can occur because your traffic sources are low quality. If so, try to look for better sources of traffic. For example, if you’re spending money for highly bouncing traffic through banner ads or pay-per-click advertising, cut back on this spending. You might try marketing strategies such as article writing and direct-mail instead.

If the problem is your website, then you need to use an analytics package to look at your top landing pages and see if you can understand what the visitor is looking for by seeing how he got to that landing page. Did he arrive at the landing page through a Google search? If so, look at the keywords being used to hit that landing page and make sure the landing page addresses the needs of someone searching with those keywords. Is the visitor hitting your website from a business directory such as Make sure the landing page from that directory category gives the information the customer would expect or want.

The goal : an acceptable bounce rate to drive greater sales

Improving your bounce rate will take time and it may take many design iterations before you finally find a solution that gives you an acceptable bounce rate. However, improving your bounce rate is worth the effort. A high bounce rate is a sure fire way to low website sales. A low bounce rate drives greater sales and means your website is making a more favorable impression with visitors.

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