Is your website useful?

Alexa ranks Google as the number one website on the internet in the United States. This is because Google is one of the most useful websites on the internet.

A useful website generates sales because it convinces the customer that your product or service is likely to also be useful. Google is the quintessential useful website. Therefore, we do well to analyze our website to see if the website is really useful or if it is nothing more than a glorified business card.

Why is Google the number one website in the United States? Is it because Google has the prettiest colors? Is it because Google has the coolest logo? Or is it perhaps because Google is a great name for a website?

No. It’s because Google is very useful to the people that use it. And what do those users do? They use Google over, and over, and over again.

We then should be seeking to do the same with our websites. Just like Google, our website needs to be useful if the customer is going to use it and tell his colleagues to use it.

What constitutes a useful website?

First, we must keep in mind why people use the internet. The average person uses the internet to get information. When a customer is on your website, remember he or she is likely looking for a specific piece of information. He may not be ready to buy just yet. So if you don’t have the information he needs, the customer is going to leave in frustration and may never come back.

Therefore, what are some types of information you can and should provide on your website?

  1. Detailed specifications for your products and services. Make sure to include prices and price or fee structure.
  2. Articles, audio, and video to educate the customer about when your product or service should be used and when it should not be used.
  3. Interviews with company executives, employees, and customers.
  4. Case studies showing how your product or service has benefited previous customers.
  5. Presentations demonstrating pertinent research your company has done in your field.
  6. Data to help keep the customer informed about his competitors use of your industry’s product or service.

No doubt there are many other valuable pieces of information you can give to your customers. Don’t say, “Well, I sell a boring product and thus, I can’t provide an abundance of helpful information to the customer.” Can your customers benefit by understanding more about your products, your industry, and their own needs? If you answered, “Yes,” then start sharing that information now.

What will be the result?

A useful website increases sales. When your website helps the customer, the customer is more likely to believe that your product or service will also help him. Therefore, he is more likely to give your product or service a try. However, if your website is useless and frustrating, the customer will doubt your entire company and your sales will be scanty.

That being the case, your goal should be to show the customer how valuable your company really is. Prove your value with a useful website that addresses his needs. Educate the customer, become an expert, and build the trust that generates sales.