What are the worst mistakes you can make on your website?

Jakob Nielsen, one of the world’s top website usability experts, does an annual review of the worst mistakes you can make on your website. This year’s list is now available! I don’t agree with all ten, but numbers 10, 7 and 9 are definitely critical for business homepages. Read and enjoy!

Read the full Alertbox at: Top Ten Mistakes of 2007 in Web Design …

    To resume this Top Ten List :

  1. bad search
  2. PDF files for online reading
  3. no color change for visited links
  4. non-scannable text
  5. fixed font size
  6. a bad HTML <title> tag
  7. advertising too agressive
  8. ignoring conventions of webdesign
  9. opening new windows in the browser
  10. not answering and ignoring visitor’s questions