Increase Site Conversion By Making Text on Your Site Scannable

Studies of how users read on the Web found that they do not actually read: instead, they scan the text. A study of five different writing styles found that a sample Web site scored 58% higher in measured usability when it was written concisely, 47% higher when the text was scannable, and 27% higher when it was written in an objective style instead of the promotional style used in the control condition and many current Web pages. Combining these three changes into a single site that was concise, scannable, and objective at the same time resulted in 124% higher measured usability. Such improved usability will increase your site’s conversion rate.

Read the full Alertbox at: Jakob Nielson Alertbox – Writing for the Web

    Some conclusions of this interesting study:

  1. Simple and informal writing are preferred
  2. Credibility is an important issue on the web
  3. Outbound links can increase credibility
  4. Humor should be used with caution
  5. Users want to get their information quickly
  6. Text should be scannable
  7. Text should be concise
  8. Users like summaries and the inverted pyramid style
  9. Hypertext is well-liked
  10. Graphics and text should complement one another