Is the first page your customer sees the correct one?

It’s easy to always point your customer to your home page. However, is that what your customer wants to see? If you point your customer to the wrong page on your website he may leave before he finds what he is looking for. Thus, you won’t get the sale.

This is especially a problem if your customer is visiting your website after viewing one of your advertisements. For example, if your Google ad says that you have a 50% off sale, clicking the ad should take the customer directly to your sale and not to your homepage.

Problems like this can make the difference between getting a sale and not getting a sale. Make sure your ads point the customer to the correct page.

This article (, on, explains what makes a landing page profitable:

  • the landing page must be well targeted
  • the five essential components of a good landing page
  • page design is here to establish trust
  • experiment and test different types of landing pages before launching a marketing campaign