Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Screenshot of Google Analytics Benchmarking Service

Is your website competitive? Let’s Ask Google’s New Benchmarking Tool

Summary: Google has launched a new benchmarking service to enable business owners and executives to... 

Example conversion rate data from

Benchmark your Conversion Rate Using’s Industry Data

Summary: The Fireclick Index is a great resource for site conversion rate data. ... 

reading site metrics analytics

An Incorrect View of Your Site’s Metrics Can Hide Areas Needing Improvement

Summary: Site analytics averages are deceiving and hide areas needing improvement.... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

Search engine optimization with Wisdek

3 Oh-So-Horrible things you have to absolutely avoid when doing SEO

When you are doing SEO, you may try to find a lot of information on what you need to do in order to rank... 

Graph of press release readership over a 28 day period.

Well Written Press Releases Will Generate Traffic

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your company and website. My last... 

Slowly building his variety of wares and freely sharing knowledge made his shop a well-trafficked destination. Can you apply the same to your website? (Photo by KrisHaamer)

Gradually make your website a store of treasures

It is not rare for a new website to get off to a very slow start. However, rather... 

Sales strategies and your website

a persuasive landing page

How to write a great landing page using the psychology of persuasion ?

With a great landing page, making money online can become nothing more than simple maths. A landing page... 

Top ten websites by conversion rate in December 2007.

What is a good website conversion rate?

The best retail websites have a double digit conversion rate. If you are a retail... 

A website shopper overwhelmed by dozens of websites all selling the same products.

To increase sales, don’t be yet another site with a list of products!

Is your website just another of thousands of websites selling the same products?... 

Some questions you may ask

how preventing click bombing on your site

Click Bombing – What it is and How to Prevent It ?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the web and it seems that many webmasters are willing to... 

designing a website on your own or with a web design agency

Why asking a web design agency to design your site ?

The design of a website can make or break a business. If the business you are promoting... 

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website... 

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ten web design mistakes

What are the worst mistakes you can make on your website?

Jakob Nielsen, one of the world’s top website usability experts, does an annual review of the worst... 

review of an online bargain hunting website

Review Of An Online Bargain Hunting Website

Summary: A good homepage is one that gets straight to the point. In today’s... 

link building by SEOLOGIC

A Good Link on Increasing Website Traffic

How can you increase website traffic? I’ve listed a number of ways on this... 

review of vacations rental

A Quality Inventory Provides Greater Sales than Elegant Site Design

Summary: What can we learn from, the #2 vacation rental website... 

choosing a webdesigner

What to know before choosing a web designer

Choosing the right person to design your website is one of the most important decisions... 

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