Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Password Depot Server to protect the passwords of your team

Protect (and share) the passwords of your team with Password Depot Server

Password Depot: what is it, how do you use it? It is hard to ensure an optimal security for your personal... 

1st visit. 2nd visit. 3rd visit. 4th visit. 5th visit. 6th visit.

Repeat site visits – a critical goal for a successful website

What data should I track for my website to see if I’m doing well? What indicators... 

Kampyle - a free website feedback analytics company - homepage.

Kampyle – An Astounding Website Feedback Tool!

I just found an incredibly powerful, yet simple to use, tool that I absolutely must... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

Search engine optimization with Wisdek

3 Oh-So-Horrible things you have to absolutely avoid when doing SEO

When you are doing SEO, you may try to find a lot of information on what you need to do in order to rank... 

A fisherman catching an fish with a lure.

When fishing for customers, use educational information as your lure

No fisherman lowers an empty hook into the water; if he does, the fish take no interest... 

An image of two kids sharing an ice cream cone can teach us a lesson about sharing expertise on our website to grow business.

How Can Freely Sharing Articles You Author Help You Build Business?

Summary: Customers ignore advertisements because advertisements saturate our lives... 

Sales strategies and your website

An agent chatting with a customer. This type of interaction can increase your website conversion rate.

How can you use live chat to increase your website conversion rate?

Summary: Customers that use live chat on a website can have conversion rates double website visitors... 

Is your website well organized for your customers?

Common Question: How can I get more visitors to purchase from my website?

This article will help you understand that to increase sales on your website you... 

Picture from the Roof Life Oregon homepage showing how they use video to enhance the human nature of their homepage.

How Can I Use Video to Increase Website Sales?

Summary: The web is a very insecure and impersonal medium. Customers fear identify... 

Some questions you may ask

Example customer categories as part of a web site strategy.

What is Web Strategy and Why is it Important? 10 Questions to Help Explain

I have watched friends build a website to generate income with very little planning; they have an idea,... 

designing a website on your own or with a web design agency

Why asking a web design agency to design your site ?

The design of a website can make or break a business. If the business you are promoting... 

How to calculate web metrics. Teacher at blackboard.

How to estimate your internet conversion rate?

This article teaches you how to compute your conversion rate. Calculating your website’s... 

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grids for webdesign

Using a grid for your web design

The use of grids is very common in the web designing industry. While grids were initially used for graphic... 

Picture from the homepage of the Popcorn Factory, the website with the highest conversion rate in 2007.

What gave The Popcorn Factory the highest conversion rate on the internet?

In December of 2007 the Popcorn Factory had the highest conversion rate, 29.50%,... 

Screenshot of the homepage of The Popcorn Factory's website.

Great Product Selection Trumps Elegant Website Design. Re-emphasized lessons from The Popcorn Factory

Summary: The other day I wrote an article that analyzed the key reasons for The Popcorn... 

jewelry site review

Increase Site Traffic and Sales By Using a Loss Leader on a Discount Website

Summary: How can a discount website increase web site traffic and generate buzz... 

top ten mistakes by searchenginejournal

Are mistakes on your website costing you business?

Searchenginejournal has published a list of ten mistakes to avoid if you want to... 

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