Some useful tools for web design and analytics

hands on mouse and keyboard

With Clicktale, record visitors as they use your website

Recording website visitors opens up a powerful new aspect of website analytics. The ability to watch... 

1st visit. 2nd visit. 3rd visit. 4th visit. 5th visit. 6th visit.

Repeat site visits – a critical goal for a successful website

What data should I track for my website to see if I’m doing well? What indicators... 

Picture of website template site.

Website goals are required to assure a successful website – Lessons from my January 9th Class

Summary: Many of the website packages that get sold don’t work. Some website... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

Screenshot from the website.

Increase your site traffic with compelling content

A great selection of pictures helped my client go from zero visitors a day at site launch to a peak of... 

things to do after Google hit your site

5 things you must do once Google swings its hammer at you

You are playing a dangerous game building backlinks to your website because you know... 

Slowly building his variety of wares and freely sharing knowledge made his shop a well-trafficked destination. Can you apply the same to your website? (Photo by KrisHaamer)

Gradually make your website a store of treasures

It is not rare for a new website to get off to a very slow start. However, rather... 

Sales strategies and your website

a persuasive landing page

How to write a great landing page using the psychology of persuasion ?

With a great landing page, making money online can become nothing more than simple maths. A landing page... 

Picture of an example chart analyzing your company's website conversion rate versus the competitor's.

How can I analyze the reasons for a low conversion rate?

Summary: The past two articles have emphasized the importance of product mix in determining... 

internet advertising after hurricane is still alive

Surviving natural disasters like hurricane Sandy with online marketing and advertising

Hurricane Sandy left blocked off streets, totaled cars, people’s belongings... 

Some questions you may ask

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website in the first place,... 


Why do companies pay for websites that don’t work?

Sadly many companies pay good money for bad websites. I know this because I talk... 

how preventing click bombing on your site

Click Bombing – What it is and How to Prevent It ?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the web and it seems that many webmasters... 

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some web icons from Medialoot

How to create eye popping icons for your website

If you are creating a website then there are many different elements to consider from your marketing... 

A closeup of a student in a class.

Announcing a New Class, “Promoting Your Business with Effective Web Content”

Summary: Ayos Website Design is launching a new class, January 16th, to teach business... 

Social networking companies to gain exposure for your website

How Can You Get Free Website Promotion For Your Website?

Social networking sites are great sources for free website promotion and great tools... 

a start here page to welcome visitors

Your ‘Start Here’ page is very important and has to be designed perfectly

Everyone who lands on your blog is going to be confused. Think about how you felt... 

Inbound link expert Debra Mastaler and her company Alliance-Link

Guest Interview: Use Links to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

Debra Mastaler helps companies increase their search engine traffic by showing them... 

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