Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Picture of website template site.

Website goals are required to assure a successful website – Lessons from my January 9th Class

Summary: Many of the website packages that get sold don’t work. Some website design companies... 

bounce rate, an important metric

Your site’s bounce rate, why important?

Improving your site’s conversion rate largely starts at lowering your bounce... 

Kampyle - a free website feedback analytics company - homepage.

Kampyle – An Astounding Website Feedback Tool!

I just found an incredibly powerful, yet simple to use, tool that I absolutely must... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

The website of mid-town lunch. This company is generating $1,000 per month as of December 26th, 2007.

Increase Site Traffic By Giving Customers a Reason to Visit Your Site Frequently

Summary: To increase site traffic, post entertaining or educational content (whichever is appropriate... 

user generated content for business

Inbound marketing tips and tricks for your small business website

If utilized correctly, inbound marketing can be an extremely effective way to market... 

increase visibility with blog hosting

CMS And blog hosting are compatible and help increase web visibility

With small and medium enterprises (SMEs) gradually becoming a dominating force in... 

Sales strategies and your website

A website shopper overwhelmed by dozens of websites all selling the same products.

To increase sales, don’t be yet another site with a list of products!

Is your website just another of thousands of websites selling the same products? If so, instead of getting... 

An agent chatting with a customer. This type of interaction can increase your website conversion rate.

How can you use live chat to increase your website conversion rate?

Summary: Customers that use live chat on a website can have conversion rates double... 

listen to your customer

Use online surveys to listen to your customer

Success through customer feedback Successful businesses must be successful at listening... 

Some questions you may ask

Example customer categories as part of a web site strategy.

What is Web Strategy and Why is it Important? 10 Questions to Help Explain

I have watched friends build a website to generate income with very little planning; they have an idea,... 

Google Analytics statistics for Posted on

What is the value of a single website visitor?

By looking at the revenue per customer of and, we can estimate... 

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website... 

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review of vacations rental

A Quality Inventory Provides Greater Sales than Elegant Site Design

Summary: What can we learn from, the #2 vacation rental website on the internet?... 

redesign your website with a goog web designer

Divulging indicators that notify you to the need for redesigning the site

The latter half of 2012 was actually the time of the Web redesigning with several... 

Image of an example of discount off list on the Jewelery and Watches website.

Question from Readers: Is it enough for a discounter to show the discount off list?

After viewing the video: Site Review: Online Bargain Hunting Website, a viewer sent... 

an effective landing page by netmechanic

Is the first page your customer sees the correct one?

It’s easy to always point your customer to your home page. However, is that what... 

relevant homepage

A relevant homepage keeps the customer browsing your website

Your website’s homepage must tell the visitor exactly what product or service... 

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