Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Example conversion rate data from

Benchmark your Conversion Rate Using’s Industry Data

Summary: The Fireclick Index is a great resource for site conversion rate data. I was very happy to... 

Chart showing the amount a company should budget for its website based on its annual revenues.

How much should you spend for a successful website?

How much should your website cost? The amount you should pay is dependent on the... 

Twitter Certified Products Program

How Twitter leads social media data?

Any social-media analytics initiative needs to be comprehensive and sleek; otherwise,... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

Graph of press release readership over a 28 day period.

Well Written Press Releases Will Generate Traffic

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your company and website. My last press release was read... 

A fisherman catching an fish with a lure.

When fishing for customers, use educational information as your lure

No fisherman lowers an empty hook into the water; if he does, the fish take no interest... 

things to do after Google hit your site

5 things you must do once Google swings its hammer at you

You are playing a dangerous game building backlinks to your website because you know... 

Sales strategies and your website

A website shopper overwhelmed by dozens of websites all selling the same products.

To increase sales, don’t be yet another site with a list of products!

Is your website just another of thousands of websites selling the same products? If so, instead of getting... 

internet advertising after hurricane is still alive

Surviving natural disasters like hurricane Sandy with online marketing and advertising

Hurricane Sandy left blocked off streets, totaled cars, people’s belongings... 

An agent chatting with a customer. This type of interaction can increase your website conversion rate.

How can you use live chat to increase your website conversion rate?

Summary: Customers that use live chat on a website can have conversion rates double... 

Some questions you may ask

Woman stands in front a store deciding whether to enter.

How to keep visitors from leaving your site?

How is your homepage like the window of the store in the picture above? 60-80% of visitors will leave... 

Map of various advertising methods.

Readers ask: how do I advertise my website?

Here are 7 ideas that will show you how to advertise your website to get more traffic.... 

How to calculate web metrics. Teacher at blackboard.

How to estimate your internet conversion rate?

This article teaches you how to compute your conversion rate. Calculating your website’s... 

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review of anyone can learn music

Review Of A Music Instruments Website

Today I review a music instruments website. This website does an excellent job of providing visitors... 

conversion rate success for a surfing website

Review: Conversion Rate Success for a Skating, Surfing, and Active Wear Website

Today I review a skating, surfing, and active wear website to look at what they do... 

make text scannable

Increase Site Conversion By Making Text on Your Site Scannable

Studies of how users read on the Web found that they do not actually read: instead,... 

relevant homepage

A relevant homepage keeps the customer browsing your website

Your website’s homepage must tell the visitor exactly what product or service... 

website analysis course

Lessons from Our, November 7th, Website Marketing Class

7pm on a Wednesday evening is always a difficult time to start a class. Most attendees... 

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