Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Screenshot of Google Analytics Benchmarking Service

Is your website competitive? Let’s Ask Google’s New Benchmarking Tool

Summary: Google has launched a new benchmarking service to enable business owners and executives to... 

hands on mouse and keyboard

With Clicktale, record visitors as they use your website

Recording website visitors opens up a powerful new aspect of website analytics. The... 

Picture of website template site.

Website goals are required to assure a successful website – Lessons from my January 9th Class

Summary: Many of the website packages that get sold don’t work. Some website... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

PPC campaign with Bing Ads

Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about the Bing PPC campaign

Launched approximately one year ago, Bing’s paid search has received a lot of attention from the... 

Search engine optimization with Wisdek

3 Oh-So-Horrible things you have to absolutely avoid when doing SEO

When you are doing SEO, you may try to find a lot of information on what you need... 

Slowly building his variety of wares and freely sharing knowledge made his shop a well-trafficked destination. Can you apply the same to your website? (Photo by KrisHaamer)

Gradually make your website a store of treasures

It is not rare for a new website to get off to a very slow start. However, rather... 

Sales strategies and your website

internet advertising after hurricane is still alive

Surviving natural disasters like hurricane Sandy with online marketing and advertising

Hurricane Sandy left blocked off streets, totaled cars, people’s belongings scattered throughout... 

A website shopper overwhelmed by dozens of websites all selling the same products.

To increase sales, don’t be yet another site with a list of products!

Is your website just another of thousands of websites selling the same products?... 

Picture from the Roof Life Oregon homepage showing how they use video to enhance the human nature of their homepage.

How Can I Use Video to Increase Website Sales?

Summary: The web is a very insecure and impersonal medium. Customers fear identify... 

Some questions you may ask

website security with a SSL certificate

How reinforce the trust of your customers by adopting SSL web hosting ?

Data security and information safety are crucial to the work dynamics and success of any website in the... 

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website... 

Woman stands in front a store deciding whether to enter.

How to keep visitors from leaving your site?

How is your homepage like the window of the store in the picture above? 60-80% of... 

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grids for webdesign

Using a grid for your web design

The use of grids is very common in the web designing industry. While grids were initially used for graphic... 

A snapshot of the webinar registration page.

Announcing PRWeb Webinar: Use PR to Grow Your Business – Increase Website Traffic

PRWeb is hosting a free webinar teaching you how to use Online PR to grow your business.... 

review of an online bargain hunting website

Review Of An Online Bargain Hunting Website

Summary: A good homepage is one that gets straight to the point. In today’s... 

Think about payment process in your web design

How proper site design can be used as a potent online marketing tool

When thinking about online marketing, most people confine their ideas to issues such... 


Discouraged? A Successful Website Requires Realistic Goals

Summary: In this article we will discuss how to establish realistic goals for a website... 

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