Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Screenshot of Google Analytics Benchmarking Service

Is your website competitive? Let’s Ask Google’s New Benchmarking Tool

Summary: Google has launched a new benchmarking service to enable business owners and executives to... 

Snapshot from homepage of a tool by HubSpot.

Grade Your Website – Find Areas for Improvement creates a report for you showing where your website is doing well... 

Magento, an ecommerce solution for business development

Magento Development: Bringing in Business from the Younger Generations

There is no question that in today’s world the majority of business transactions... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

PPC campaign with Bing Ads

Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about the Bing PPC campaign

Launched approximately one year ago, Bing’s paid search has received a lot of attention from the... 

Surprised smiley face. Loss of sales and frustration results when your website does not answer questions.

To increase website traffic and sales, answer customer questions

Do you hate a pushy salesman that doesn’t listen to your questions? Like a... 

things to do after Google hit your site

5 things you must do once Google swings its hammer at you

You are playing a dangerous game building backlinks to your website because you know... 

Sales strategies and your website

Picture of an everyday low prices sign.

Internet Discounters: Do you really provide a discount?

Summary: If you are an online discounter, how can you convince customers that you really provide a discount?... 

Alexa ranks Google as the number one website on the internet in the United States. This is because Google is one of the most useful websites on the internet.

Is your website useful?

A useful website generates sales because it convinces the customer that your product... 

Is your website well organized for your customers?

Common Question: How can I get more visitors to purchase from my website?

This article will help you understand that to increase sales on your website you... 

Some questions you may ask

overview of Clicktale, a tool to track your visitors

Common questions: can websites see who visits them?

Yes. provides a service that allows you to watch users as they navigate your website. With... 


Why do companies pay for websites that don’t work?

Sadly many companies pay good money for bad websites. I know this because I talk... 

designing a website on your own or with a web design agency

Why asking a web design agency to design your site ?

The design of a website can make or break a business. If the business you are promoting... 

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webclass course psychology

Ayo will be Teaching a Class at Bellevue Community College, January 9th, 2008

The class is called Psychology of an Internet Customer. It is a two hour $125.00 course. Successful website... 

link building by SEOLOGIC

A Good Link on Increasing Website Traffic

How can you increase website traffic? I’ve listed a number of ways on this... 

picture quality and site conversion

Review: How Can Picture Quality Affect Your Site Conversion Rate?

Summary: Picture quality implies product quality. Low quality pictures will decrease... 

Inbound link expert Debra Mastaler and her company Alliance-Link

Guest Interview: Use Links to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

Debra Mastaler helps companies increase their search engine traffic by showing them... 

Picture from the homepage of the Popcorn Factory, the website with the highest conversion rate in 2007.

What gave The Popcorn Factory the highest conversion rate on the internet?

In December of 2007 the Popcorn Factory had the highest conversion rate, 29.50%,... 

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