Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Twitter Certified Products Program

How Twitter leads social media data?

Any social-media analytics initiative needs to be comprehensive and sleek; otherwise, it can end up being... 

reading site metrics analytics

An Incorrect View of Your Site’s Metrics Can Hide Areas Needing Improvement

Summary: Site analytics averages are deceiving and hide areas needing improvement....

Site Review: Get quick feedback on your website with

Watching users stumble through your website is an uncomfortable but eye opening experience.... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

Image from the blog homepage of

Guest Article: How can Patience Provide Rewarding Sales Growth?

Summary: Over a 2 year period, Peter Renton’s blog has helped him grow his website,,... 

The website of mid-town lunch. This company is generating $1,000 per month as of December 26th, 2007.

Increase Site Traffic By Giving Customers a Reason to Visit Your Site Frequently

Summary: To increase site traffic, post entertaining or educational content (whichever... 

Slowly building his variety of wares and freely sharing knowledge made his shop a well-trafficked destination. Can you apply the same to your website? (Photo by KrisHaamer)

Gradually make your website a store of treasures

It is not rare for a new website to get off to a very slow start. However, rather... 

Sales strategies and your website

An agent chatting with a customer. This type of interaction can increase your website conversion rate.

How can you use live chat to increase your website conversion rate?

Summary: Customers that use live chat on a website can have conversion rates double website visitors... 

Is your website well organized for your customers?

Common Question: How can I get more visitors to purchase from my website?

This article will help you understand that to increase sales on your website you... 

Alexa ranks Google as the number one website on the internet in the United States. This is because Google is one of the most useful websites on the internet.

Is your website useful?

A useful website generates sales because it convinces the customer that your product... 

Some questions you may ask

Map of various advertising methods.

Readers ask: how do I advertise my website?

Here are 7 ideas that will show you how to advertise your website to get more traffic. Implement each... 

Google Analytics statistics for Posted on

What is the value of a single website visitor?

By looking at the revenue per customer of and, we can estimate... 

overview of Clicktale, a tool to track your visitors

Common questions: can websites see who visits them?

Yes. provides a service that allows you to watch users as they navigate... 

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webclass course psychology

Ayo will be Teaching a Class at Bellevue Community College, January 9th, 2008

The class is called Psychology of an Internet Customer. It is a two hour $125.00 course. Successful website... 

picture quality and site conversion

Review: How Can Picture Quality Affect Your Site Conversion Rate?

Summary: Picture quality implies product quality. Low quality pictures will decrease... 

review of an online bargain hunting website

Review Of An Online Bargain Hunting Website

Summary: A good homepage is one that gets straight to the point. In today’s... 

choosing a webdesigner

What to know before choosing a web designer

Choosing the right person to design your website is one of the most important decisions... 

websites background color

Improve Site Conversion Rate By Using a Better Background Color

A study by Lindgaard, in 2006, showed that customers form an impression of your website... 

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