Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Understand Google Adwords

How does Google AdWords work? Ad position

Google has published an excellent video explaining how Google AdWords works and gives insight on how... 

reading site metrics analytics

An Incorrect View of Your Site’s Metrics Can Hide Areas Needing Improvement

Summary: Site analytics averages are deceiving and hide areas needing improvement.... 

Picture of website template site.

Website goals are required to assure a successful website – Lessons from my January 9th Class

Summary: Many of the website packages that get sold don’t work. Some website... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

increase visibility with blog hosting

CMS And blog hosting are compatible and help increase web visibility

With small and medium enterprises (SMEs) gradually becoming a dominating force in the market, the importance... 

A fisherman catching an fish with a lure.

When fishing for customers, use educational information as your lure

No fisherman lowers an empty hook into the water; if he does, the fish take no interest... 

user generated content for business

Inbound marketing tips and tricks for your small business website

If utilized correctly, inbound marketing can be an extremely effective way to market... 

Sales strategies and your website

special marketing for Christmas

Increase your conversion rates in time for Christmas

Let’s be honest, improving your conversion rates should be a priority all year round. However,... 

Is your website well organized for your customers?

Common Question: How can I get more visitors to purchase from my website?

This article will help you understand that to increase sales on your website you... 

Alexa ranks Google as the number one website on the internet in the United States. This is because Google is one of the most useful websites on the internet.

Is your website useful?

A useful website generates sales because it convinces the customer that your product... 

Some questions you may ask

Woman stands in front a store deciding whether to enter.

How to keep visitors from leaving your site?

How is your homepage like the window of the store in the picture above? 60-80% of visitors will leave... 

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website... 

website security with a SSL certificate

How reinforce the trust of your customers by adopting SSL web hosting ?

Data security and information safety are crucial to the work dynamics and success... 

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conversion rate success for a surfing website

Review: Conversion Rate Success for a Skating, Surfing, and Active Wear Website

Today I review a skating, surfing, and active wear website to look at what they do well and what they... 

review of frugal parents online

Review Of A Family Discount Shopping Website

Summary: Today we review, Frugal Parents Online, a website that helps parents save... 

research based web design

Did you know that the Federal Government provides an excellent website design manual for free?

If you want to understand what makes a website successful, I recommend this book.... 

picture quality and site conversion

Review: How Can Picture Quality Affect Your Site Conversion Rate?

Summary: Picture quality implies product quality. Low quality pictures will decrease... 

traffic building with articles writing

Do you need to grow traffic?

There is only so much you can do to grow website traffic. However, one free way that... 

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