Some useful tools for web design and analytics

Example conversion rate data from

Benchmark your Conversion Rate Using’s Industry Data

Summary: The Fireclick Index is a great resource for site conversion rate data. I was very happy to... 

hands on mouse and keyboard

With Clicktale, record visitors as they use your website

Recording website visitors opens up a powerful new aspect of website analytics. The... 

Password Depot Server to protect the passwords of your team

Protect (and share) the passwords of your team with Password Depot Server

Password Depot: what is it, how do you use it? It is hard to ensure an optimal security... 

Tips & tricks to increase traffic

things to do after Google hit your site

5 things you must do once Google swings its hammer at you

You are playing a dangerous game building backlinks to your website because you know Google doesn’t... 

The website of mid-town lunch. This company is generating $1,000 per month as of December 26th, 2007.

Increase Site Traffic By Giving Customers a Reason to Visit Your Site Frequently

Summary: To increase site traffic, post entertaining or educational content (whichever... 

Graph of press release readership over a 28 day period.

Well Written Press Releases Will Generate Traffic

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your company and website. My last... 

Sales strategies and your website

Picture of an example chart analyzing your company's website conversion rate versus the competitor's.

How can I analyze the reasons for a low conversion rate?

Summary: The past two articles have emphasized the importance of product mix in determining website success.... 

An agent chatting with a customer. This type of interaction can increase your website conversion rate.

How can you use live chat to increase your website conversion rate?

Summary: Customers that use live chat on a website can have conversion rates double... 

Generate sales with the good website

What makes a website good at generating sales?

A successful website should provide plenty of examples of how your product or service... 

Some questions you may ask


Why do companies pay for websites that don’t work?

Sadly many companies pay good money for bad websites. I know this because I talk with companies daily... 

how preventing click bombing on your site

Click Bombing – What it is and How to Prevent It ?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the web and it seems that many webmasters... 

writing a good article in 5 steps

How to design the perfect article everyone will want to read in 5 simple steps

I’m guessing you know a lot about your niche which is why you built your website... 

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jewelry site review

Increase Site Traffic and Sales By Using a Loss Leader on a Discount Website

Summary: How can a discount website increase web site traffic and generate buzz rapidly? Sam Walton,... 

grids for webdesign

Using a grid for your web design

The use of grids is very common in the web designing industry. While grids were initially... 

review of an online bargain hunting website

Review Of An Online Bargain Hunting Website

Summary: A good homepage is one that gets straight to the point. In today’s... 

A snapshot of the webinar registration page.

Announcing PRWeb Webinar: Use PR to Grow Your Business – Increase Website Traffic

PRWeb is hosting a free webinar teaching you how to use Online PR to grow your business.... 

Think about payment process in your web design

How proper site design can be used as a potent online marketing tool

When thinking about online marketing, most people confine their ideas to issues such... 

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